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Why would a 1992 Dodge Colt be hard to start with a new fuel filter spark plugs and wires?


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2012-04-10 07:54:02
2012-04-10 07:54:02

I'm sorry but more info is needed, in order to diagnos it. If you can, email me. I would like to know if this is a full tune up you did. I see you didn't mention replacing the airfilter, cap& rotor. Or for that matter, what was happening that prompt you to change these parts, ok. May be the timing belt has snapped!

Easy way to check is, remove the distributor cap and have someone crank the egine. If the rotor turns, the belt is on. If it does not rotate, your timing belt has broken. Also, people need to include not only the yr of the car but the engine size too.


it may be that you have misplaced the plug wires order, ensure you have the correct fire order and the proper #1 position on the cap. This may be the answer if the car was running prior to your maintenance, also check that the fuel filter is in a correct flow by looking at the arrow on the filter


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yes it does, every car has spark plugs or it wouldn't start.

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check the spark plugs. may not be catching fire.

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Electrical issue, computer issue, engine mechanical issue, no fuel in tank, no spark to spark plugs, dead battery, etc

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Remove all spark plugs and turn it over to blow the water out. Change the oil/filter, install the plugs and start it up.

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