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Why would a 1992 Dodge Colt sometimes need more turns to start after the engine warms up?


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2005-03-21 22:54:20
2005-03-21 22:54:20

Once again, this matter varies from certain factors. In my expierence, this little car has done an excellent job from 91 to now (ours). But, when wear and tear takes its toll, here is where you will begin to notice it. If your car spits or sputters some at idle, you are having either injector problem and or head-valves and or valve-guides problems. You may just need a tuneup too. For instance, if your airfilter were kinda clogged, that would do it too. If the car is wasting more gas thasn usual, this is a sign. In short, there are certain things you need to cover or take care of, in order to get to the bigger picture. Listen, if you have not tuned this vehicle in the last 2 yrs, do it now, or when the weather permits. If you have tuned it on time, then you are looking for problems in the areas I just mentioned. Keep in mind that some problems are mechanical while others are electrical.


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