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Once again, this matter varies from certain factors. In my expierence, this little car has done an excellent job from 91 to now (ours). But, when wear and tear takes its toll, here is where you will begin to notice it. If your car spits or sputters some at idle, you are having either injector problem and or head-valves and or valve-guides problems. You may just need a tuneup too. For instance, if your airfilter were kinda clogged, that would do it too. If the car is wasting more gas thasn usual, this is a sign. In short, there are certain things you need to cover or take care of, in order to get to the bigger picture. Listen, if you have not tuned this vehicle in the last 2 yrs, do it now, or when the weather permits. If you have tuned it on time, then you are looking for problems in the areas I just mentioned. Keep in mind that some problems are mechanical while others are electrical.

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Q: Why would a 1992 Dodge Colt sometimes need more turns to start after the engine warms up?
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Why in your 2000 passat 18t engine sometimes turns but wont start?

The car or vehical was too old.

What could be the problem if a 1998 Dodge Intrepid does not start sometimes?

Without more details it is hard to give an answer. Key things to notice are: The engine turns over? The starter doesn't catch? The starter doesn't work?

Why Dodge Caravan won't start?

I have changed my spark plugs on my 1996 dodge grand caravan SE the engine turns but it don't start. Is there a switch or something in my van that needs to be checked. How do I check my timing belt? What else can I check?

S430 Benz won't start?

The engine turns, but the car won't start

My 1993 Mitsubishi engine wont start engine turns but don't start what do you do?

Check for fuel, spark, compression

Why dodge avenger turns but does not start?

check the spark plugs. may not be catching fire.

Dodge stratus turns over does not start?

There are several possibilities. One is that the fuel pump is not sending enough fuel to the engine. Or that it is not sending any fuel at all. Or, it means you are simply out of gas.

What does it mean when an engine turns over?

wont start The starter engages and turns the engine over but the engine fails to run. And you cant do it not even if sober. The words of modest mouse.

What turns on the check engine light?

The engine computer turns it on at start up for a bulb check. If it stays on the computer has detected a malfunction and set a code.

Why F250 pick up wont start it has spark and fuel but engine turns over slowly?

You have a bad starter. Jump start the engine, and head to NAPA for a new starter. I have the same problem. Does it start right up sometimes, then other times it doesn't start? If that's the case, it's still the starter.

What is wrong with your 98 dodge ram 1500 it turns over but will not start?

An engine needs fuel, air, and fire. You are missing one. Causes include out of gas, no fuel pressure, no spark, computer or sensor issue, and internal engine failure.

95 subaru legacy engine won't start turns over but does not start what are the componates that would prevent engine start?

That engine needs fuel, compression and spark to start and run. You are missing one of those.

Your 1987 Chevy astro van just stop starting engine turns but will not start help?

Check the ECM Electronic Control Module, under the distributor cap If its bad sometimes it wont start or it will and then die

Engine turns over but won't start?

engine cranks but wont start means one of these things.. Air, Fuel, Spark, or compression

I have a 2003 GMC Sierra my truck turns off sometimes on turns would anybody know why?

its PROBABLY the engine or the batteries are almost drained

What is correct fuel pressure on a 1998 Lincoln town car with a 4.6 key on engine off?

For most vehicles, the fuel pump only turns on briefly when you try to start the engine. If the engine doesn't start, the pump turns off. You need to test the fuel pressure with the engine running.

The engine turns but doesn't start on a 1993 Ford Explorer how do I make it start?

It is getting fuel/spark/ compression?

Dodge stealth clicking noise in center console It clicks and turns the motor on and off then runs and idles bad .runs perfect when warm but hard to start again.?

its your engine control module>>>JAC

What wrong when the engine turns but won't start?

you have either no gas or no spark maybe both

Will the dodge charger turns off if theres no oil?

Eventually, yes. Once the engine ceases from lack of lubrication. There is no safety devise to prevent engine damage if that is what you are asking.

86 Corvette engine turns over but won't start?

C4 Got a new Starter but engine doesn't turn or engage?

75 dodge dart that turns over but wont start What could it be?

start by checking fuel delivery,if you do have fuel delivery proceed by checking the timing setting.

Why will my 1993 Dodge Spirit ot start the ignition turns over and putting gas in the carborator it will start but stalls out when it runs out what can the problem be?

defective fuel pump

Why won't my Dodge Durango start even though it turns over has half tank of gas and a newer battery?

Check the starter! It happened to my 2000 dodge durango too.

Your subaru cut out when driving engine turns but wont start?

it is most likely your fuel pump