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three possibilties exist. the engine is not burning all of the fuel it is getting 1 this could indicate a fuel system or 2 engine problem. is fuel mileage the same? if so 3 the oil may be extended beyond reasonable life. a good oil sample tested at a lab from a hot engine will tell a great deal.

Check the fuel pressure regulator as the diaphragm may be leaking fuel into the vacuum hose and thus running way too rich.

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Would a 1993 Honda civic automatic engine work in any year Honda CRX?

yes easy job. civic and crx are the same once you dont go over 95 civics

What would cause a gas smell in a 2006 Honda CR-V?

My engine light was on and I had a gas smell in my 2000 CRV when the pipe from the gas cap to the gas tank rotted out. It was replaced for ~$500 by Aamco.

How much money would fill a 1993 Honda civics gas tank?

It depends on gas prices and how much gas you have in your tank.

Where can a Honda Civic coupe be bought?

A Honda Civic coupe can be purchased at any Honda dealer. Should one want a better deal, one can check the car ads in your local paper for used Honda Civics. Auto Trader would be another good option for Honda sales.

Is the 1993 Honda xr100r a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke engine?

A 1993 Honda xr100r would have a four stroke engine.

Can you put a b22 into a 1990 Honda accord?

It is probably possible, but why would you want to? The B22 is a good engine but no better than a Honda engine. This would require major modifications.

Where does one find a pre owned Honda Civic?

One could find a pre-owned Honda civic at their local used or new car dealership in their area. Calling ahead and asking if they have any Honda Civics on their lot would save time.

Is a 1994 Honda Prelude s have a vtec engine?

A 1994 Honda Prelude S would not have a VTEC engine in it (assuming it has the original engine in it). It should have the F22A1 in it which is SOHC and Non-VTEC.

Was the F22B1 engine Japanese?

The F22B1 engine was developed by Honda indicating that it would be of Japanese origin.

Why would you smell burning oil?

Oil that has somehow gotten onto the manifold of the engine will produce this smell. Any oil leak in and around the engine will produce this.

Why would one high beam light not work even after you have installed a new headlight and bulbs you did not touch the bulbs you have a 2000 Honda Civic?

this is because Honda civics (not very pretty cars) have different fuses, there fore, you would need the same tpe of light bulb but different consistency.

How can you identify the engine size of an engine?

it normally says it on the front of the engine Ex. 9 would mean 9 horse power!! Honda GX270 would mean 270cc

Will a Honda shadow 125 engine drop into a Honda varadero 125v?

Quite possibly, but why would you bother? The power difference is minimal.

In which car models would one find a D16Z6 engine?

D16Z6 engine are manufactured by Honda company and are found in three models of Honda Civic (Si, ES and ESi) and in 2 models of Honda Del Sol (Si and ESi).

What is a compatible engine for 1992 Honda Civic Dx?

A D Series Engine such as a D16z6.........I would recommend that one also...

Why would car smell like burning rubber after an oil change?

when changing the oil sometimes oil can be spilled on the engine block. as your engine heats up it causes this smell. it is completely normal

Are Honda Civics a good brand of hybrids?

When you are looking for a hond civic hybrid, l would recommend the comparison sites like ebay and amazon. Many motor companies have accounts there, and customer feedback is useful in helping you to decide which honda civic hybrid is right for you.

Rover coupe with a broken k series engine can you replace this problem engine with the Honda engine or any other engine?

Probably not, you would need a new `K` Series engine as the internals for the engine will be in different places. Honda didnt just put an engine in the rover they also wired the entire car. The engine bays are both totally different. If you still wanted to do this a conversion would need to be done.

Can a 2000 Honda crv engine fit in a 1993 Honda accord?

With modifications probably - - but the CR-V was powered by the Civic engine that year and would probably be under-powered for the larger Accord.

What is faster a 95 Honda Accord V6 or Vtec?

The Honda Accord would be faster with air shocks and the engine that runs like a babe. :-)

What would cause an excessive gas smell in a Honda accord lx 1991 the smell gets after driving or turning on the ac it is unbearable?

The Charcoal Canister which is located on the engine fire wall just under the control box and fuel filter needs to be replaced as it can no longer store after burn fuel.That is why the smell is more intense after driving and worst if the blower fan is running.

What car rental agencies rent Honda's?

I have seen Honda Civics and Accords in the Enterprise rental fleet. Presumably they would also be in National's and Alamo's fleets, since Enterprise owns those companies.

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