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You checked all the fuses right? Anyway, it sounds like you burned out the fusable link. That's the fuse wire in between your battery and your fuse box. Check your fuse box with the key on to see if you've still got power. No power=burned out fusable link.

I'm having a similar problem. I've been checking around I can't find the link but its one of the constant hot circuits. It powers the dome lights, the radio constant hot, and the ECM constant hot. I'm still working on finding the problem on mine, but I took a wire and connected it to the dome light positive feed and did manage to get mine to start again. I'm having problems finding a wire diagram that shows me these circuits properly. Do all of your other lights work? And when you turn your key on does the indicator lights come on? I was working on the back of my truck and touched the rear dome light to the body and shorted it out. Once I can get a diagram I can find the problem by finding where these are commonly connected and check for the problem.

Check the dome light fuse in the dash. I have a friend that works in a shop that can get complete wiring diagrams, and the ECM constant hot is connected to the dome light and the radio constant hot. So popping that fuse killed the computer which would keep it from starting.
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Q: Why would a 1992 Isuzu Rodeo not start after cutting the wires to install a new radio and blowing out the dome light?
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