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Why would a 1993 Chevy Cavalier make a warning sound while driving but no warning lights come on?


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2004-10-28 02:07:00
2004-10-28 02:07:00

I have a 93 cavalier. The check gauges light could be burned out. Verify it is working by turning the key fwd but not to the on position and watching the dash to see if the light comes on. Otherwise it is likely a crossed wire or short in the relay that the sound comes out of. Located above your feet on the drivers side. It will have a little speaker on it.


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If the warning lights come on when you start the car, but then go back off, there is no reason for alarm. However, if the lights stay on, or come on when you are driving you should probably stop driving as soon as you can and take the car to the mechanic.

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how do you fix your lighting problem with your 94 chevy cavalier z24 you haveno tail lights dash lights or parking lights

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If the warning lights go off in a Chevy Tahoe, it indicates a problem. In order to reset these lights the problem must be solved.

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Check the brake fluid level. If it is ok, take it to a garage that can diagnoise ABS problems.

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