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If it isn't leaking out then it is burning it, HOWEVER, it may be leaking out so slight and burning off that you aren't seeing it leak. check your exhaust for a sweet smell or white smoke or dripping out sweet smelling fluid, then check your oil for traces of anti-freeze if either are evident do a compression test and my bet would be that one or even two cylinders are really low wich would mean that you have a cracked head or a bad head gasket ==New Answer Headline == I had a 1992 Caravan with the same problem. It turned out to be a small crossover hose underneath the intake manifold that had a pinhole leak. It just blew out onto the engine and burned off and/or evaporated over time. ==New Answer Headline == I also have a 1998 Caravan w/ 3.0L that leaked from the water pipe crossover. Was able to get a replacement from local junk yard for about 5 bucks. Had to completely disassemble top of engine (intake manifold, etc) to replace; but was relatively easy. Since then water pump has gone out. Not looking forward to having to do that. If anyone has any tips for that job would be much appreciated.

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Q: Why would a 1993 Dodge Caravan be losing antifreeze but not leaking anywhere?
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Why is your car losing antifreeze but not leaking it?

Its a strong indication of a blown head gasket

You are losing antifreeze cant find leak no drops on ground?

You may have blown a head gasket, check you oil to see if the antifreeze is leaking into there.

Why does your car sound like it is drinking antifreeze and disappear when you put it in but it is not leaking on the ground?

If losing anti freeze but not visible leaking typically means bad head gasket. Antifreeze is leaking into combustion cylinder and therefore evaporating and going out exhaust pipe as steam.

Why the does the antifreeze reservoir keep losing antifreeze?

Sounds like a leak.

How do you spell leaking?

That is the correct spelling of "leaking" (losing fluid or pressure).

When I shut my 1998 Chevy 4x4 off it gurgles and I'm losing antifreeze?

That is because it is hot ( over heating ). You need to check all 4 corners of the intake manifold with your fingers to see if it is leaking antifreeze. Chevy had a problem with the intakes leaking engine coolant. There is a heater hose fitting screewed into the left rear corner of the intake and thay are none for leaking engine coolant too. You should check the water pump for leaks too.

1999 olds silhouette has smell of antifreeze on outside of motor only no visible leaks and have changed cap although heater does seem to be losing heat not as strong but no smell inside nor overheat?

Your gaskets are leaking and you are leaking antifreeze inside the manifold. Same thing happened to me on my silhouette and cutlass. The problem is the orange anti-freeze eats the gaskets. Will cost $2,000-to-$3,000 to fix. Sorry!

Cream colored paste in antifreeze?

Could be oil mixing with antifreeze indicating a bad head gasket Are you losing motor oil?

I keep losing antifreeze no leaks to be found oil looks good and no sign of it leaking on the floor what next 2000 impala?

If it is not leaking externally then it is leaking internally. The intake manifold gaskets are known to leak coolant into the engine on that vehicle. Have a trusted mechanic diagnose the problem soon because coolant mixing with engine (even in small amounts) oil will cause big trouble down the road.

Losing antifreeze but no leak?

check your oil to see if you have coolant in it. if you do your intake gasket needs changed.

Why am I losing coolant in the reservoir while driving?

could have a crack in it that is leaking under pressure

Losing antifreeze but no leaks under pressure have to add antifreeze to resivoir every three weeks because its empty. Had intake manifold gasket fixed last year.?

Could be a leaking head gasket - try running engine to normal operating temperature remove oil dipstick and let a drop fall onto hot part of engine - oil will smoke coolant will sizzle

You have twin mercruiser engines on your boat you are losing antifreeze but you are not sure from where about a gallon for every 2 hours run time There is no antifreeze leaking from any part of the en?

if these engines are of the 470 mercruiser family check the seal behind the water circulating pump on front of engine is anti freeze oily if so check that specific engine ,heat exchangers ? or head gaskets are a good posibilty ! have a compression test done !

Why does your 97 Dodge Ram lose antifreeze?

Vehicles lose antifreeze because they loose coolant. You have a 13 year old vehicle. Your radiator and heater hoses may be leaking and should have been changed from original equipment by now. If they have not, change them before you are on the highway and they break. After that is done, and if you are still losing antifreeze, we will look for the leak. When you start up, does white smoke come out the tail pipe? If so, you will need to check your head gasket. You will need to look around your water pump and radiator for leaks.

Why is your radiator losing coolant in your 1989 Mercury Sable?

either your radiator is leaking,head gaskit is leaking if it's your head gaskit leaking you will have water in your oil or water coming out your exhaust pipe,or you might have a freeze plug going bad.

1991 tracker losing transmission fluidbut its not leaking where is it going?

Lookaround the radiator.The cooling lines my be leakingand its around there.

What causes a car to keep losing antifreeze?

One of the most common causes is from a crack in the radiator. The radiator will usually leak antifreeze before the coolant hoses or hose connections begin leaking during the life of a car. If you don't see evidence of a coolant leak on the exterior of the engine and cooling system or on the ground below the engine, the leak could be internal. This could be costly if allowed to continue. Have the system pressure tested and repaired asap.

98 buick lesabre keeps losing antifreeze an blows white smoke from tailpipe?

Most likely a cracked intake manifold.

You have overheating with thermostat out and you are not losing any coolant water pump not leaking and is circulating fine?

pluged cooling fins in and on the radiador

You have a 2002 grand caravan sport it has started losing water since July you added 9 liters of water and cannot find the source of water loss?

==Suggestion== I have read that the newer caravans have a problem with the rear air conditioning hoses eroding and leaking, you might check this out, if this is the problem the dealer will fix it for free. I have had this problem in a different type of vehicle, found the water was slowly leaking into a cylinder and going out the exhaust pipe,the leak was slow enough that it really didn't effect performance. Finally started leaking enough that steam constantly came out the tailpipe.

Why is there water leaking on the passenger side floorboard of my 1994 ford tempo?

Would that be when it is raining ? If so you need to caulk around the vent in the fire wall area. If not from rain, then the heater core is leaking, and you will be losing coolant.

Losing antifreeze in engine?

Got a leak somewhere alos check that your radiator cap rubber/seal is not worn out, fluids can be lost from their too.

Why would Ford Escort be losing water?

More than likely there is a hose with a hole in it. Also, if the water pump is bad it could be leaking.

What is causing huge smoke plumes on87 Corolla when engine is cold or warm this started very suddenly?

Check your temperature guage. Is the vehicle overheating? Are you losing coolant? Did you overfill your oil or do you have fluid leaking anywhere onto your exhaust? If you are using coolant or if its running hot, it is probably a head gasket issue.

Why are you losing antifreeze and blowing smoke on a 6.0 power stroke?

EGR Cooler and head gasket are two reasons it will have to be tested to see which one or both it might be