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Check for fuel pump pressure; you may have a fuel pump that is going out.

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Q: Why would a 1993 Grand Am runs for 10-15 miles but when you stop and try to go again it stalls unless you let it idle for 20 minutes?
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Why would a Buick Riviera stalls restarts stalls again?

what year?era is specific.

Car stalls at every stop but will start again it will not stay on unless i keep the gas pedal down.?

tps throttle position sensor

What do you do if a vehicle stalls?

Start it up again.

What to do if a car stalls?

Wait a second, then start it again.

Erratic stall problem occurs when coming to stop and car will not restart for 4-5 minutes then runs fine for week and then stalls again?

fuel injector

Why is it that when i drive my car for a half hour when i stop and go to start my car stalls then i try it again and it stalls then after bout 10-15 minutes of waiting it goes?

It cold be either a plugged fuel filter or an electronic ignition component that is failing from heat stress.

Why does my Snowblower start then stalls?

If it will re-start after a few minutes and then stall again, the problem is probably a fuel restriction - check the fuel filter or look for an obstruction somewhere in the fuel line (kinks, etc). If it stalls because it is flooding, check and/or replace the air filter and/or the spark plug.

When driving my car stalls every once in a while but when I drve it longer or on the highway it stops moving and won't move again unless I let it rest?

I would start with replacing the fuel filter.

My 2000 grand prix gt keeps stalling Tach goes to zero right before it stalls It will start again if you disconnect and reconnect the negative terminal on the battery?

Had the same problem with my 2000 grand prix. After much research it was a faulty crankshaft position sensor.

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Why does a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 2wd dies while driving and after few minutes starts again?

crank sensor ?

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What might be wrong with a 1993 Chevy Lumina that runs for 20 minutes and then stalls and after about 30-40 minutes will start again?

I have a 93 Corsica and had this problem. 1. crank sensor 2 ignition modual 3. main brain. Ck codes at a shop. Some will do this for free.

What is going on with your 1979 Cadillac drives fine for bout 10 min looses power struggles then stalls starts again then does the same every 5 minutes?

mite be fuel filter. either old or clogged up.

Why does my Pontiac Grand Prix occasionally stop running at stop light and starts again after 20-30 minutes.?

get your transmission modulator replaced

What could be the problem if your 1992 Pontiac Grand-Am keeps stalling out?

Does it stall when first started or ONLY once the car has warmed up ? After it stalls will it start right up again ? or does the car need to cool down before it will restart ?

If a car starts then just stalls then starts up again with no problem?

There is most likely something in the gas tank. When the car starts the fuel pump starts sucking in fuel and when the trash gets to it the gas will not be able to flow through the clogged pump so the car stalls. When it stalls the fuel pump stops suction and the trash comes out allowing it to start again.

4-cylinder 99 tercel starts the stalls starts again and stalls then the battery is dead?

It sounds like your alternator is no longer recharging your battery. You probably need a new alternator.

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1993 grand Cherokee and it shuts off after a few minutes if you bank on the bottom of the fuel tank it will start again but only runs for a few more minutes and repeats itself?

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What do you do if the car stalls when it idols but then you can start again?

I would start off by checking any vaccum hoses for leaks.

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Why would a 95 Neon run fine during cool weather but if the outside temperature is over 80 the engine stalls after about 15 miles will start again 15 minutes later but stall again?

Your engine may be over heated, let it cool, then try start it.{can we get a real mechanic to answer these questions please. coolant sensor maybe}

How do you fix a Honda Civic that stalls after driving and restarts and stalls again?

You should try to to replace you distributor cap and rotor, because over time it tends to wear off. Plus you should check the ignition coil. this should do the trick.