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Why would a 1994 Mercury Topaz transmission slip when cold but run great warm?

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2004-11-23 06:32:38
2004-11-23 06:32:38

Low on fluid, dirty filter, worn clutches.

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Only the 2.3L HSC Inline 4 will fit in the 1986 Mercury Topaz. If everything in the engine bay were gutted, perhaps something larger such as a 3.0L V6 from a 1992-1994 model MIGHT fit but it would require a complete running 92-94 Ford Tempo or Mercury Topaz with the V6 engine as a donor car (and, if you could find such a car, it would be more worth your time/money to invest in it v.s. a 1986 model). The automatic transmission from a Taurus WILL NOT WORK in a Tempo/Topaz.

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Replace your transmission pump or get a new transmission.

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the computer box on a 1992 topaz is on the drivers side under the dashboard on the firewall behind the fuse panel to the left i would think a 1993 would be similar

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