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Why would a 1994 Mercury Villager stall frequently after it warms up when letting off the gas and then not start easily?


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2012-04-25 05:02:26
2012-04-25 05:02:26

low fuel pressure most likely fuel filter


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Group 24R is the largest you can easily fit.

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A 1994 Mercury Villager, also known as a Dodge Caravan, can have its rear hatch removed by detaching the pistons which hold it to the body of the van. The pistons will be held by screws and removing them will allow the hatch to easily come off.

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There really isn't one. They easily go over 100,000 miles or more. Plugged fuel filters of this type are very rare.

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The oil drain plug is located on the lower right side of the oil pan. You can easily get to the oil drain plug and oil filter by removing the right front wheel.

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it depends on what element it is because mercury combines easily with many other elements but not all of them.

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