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this is a very general question and could be a number of things, if both your engine and transmission behave poorly together the first place to look would be your air filter, see if it is clogged or old and possibly replace it with a performance type like a K&N brand filter. If you have problems accelerating quickly, if there is a sudden pause or stumble in power when you floor it, check the mass airflow sensor if your car has one, it is a small tube sensor the air flows through between the filter and intake, and see if it's small wires are dirty, they can be cleaned carefully with alcohol. This makes a huge difference on 94-96 LT1 engines. If that does not improve things try changing the fuel filter, sometimes they need to be replaced much more often than the suggested 30,000 miles. And finally sometimes the Chevy v8 although big and reliable is not always that strong, and you may be stuck with a weak stock engine.

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Q: Why would a 1995 Chevy V8 seem to lack power and not shift right?
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