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I discovered this situation while fiddling with the selector knobs in the dash. I still haven't fixed it completely. I removed the air position selector knob, the rear defrost button in the center and a little diode in the center that lights up when the rear defrost is on. Somehow I haven't got everything aligned and when you put everything back and snap the knob in to seat it, it's somehow forcing the system into defrost mode, which I assume is a fail-safe mode. I have removed the button from the center and now it seats and everything operates fine. I don't have the actual answer, but I know my '95 Stratus started doing this. I took it to the dealer and they told me that a solenoid need changed. It was only $35 for the part, but they said Chrysler had made a change that would require the entire computer to need changed IF the solenoid was changed. I told them to put it back together. Later, I remembered that it had happened previously, but started working after the battery had gone dead. Therefore, I made the deduction that by disconnecting the battery, I could reset the computer and make it work. The process worked and I have had to do it 3 or 4 more times. It always fixes the problem! Much cheaper than the $800 dollar computer they wanted to sell me. All you need to do is remove the fuse from the interior fues box, turn the car to ON (no need to start), turn the car off, replace the fuse, and all should be fixed. This is for if all speeds work, but it only comes from the defrost vents. If ONLY high works, then it is the blower motor resistor, which is a cheap part and can be found under the passenger side dash. Also an easy fix.

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