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Why would a 1995 Ford Probe SE transmission overheat?


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Well I took the car to the Ford dealer here and they told me the transmission was going out (the bands were very thin) well I had another friend give me an opinion and he found the alternator belt had broke. It has been working fine ever since. :)

No fluid.

The tranny will over heat from the falty oil pump in the tranny you should have a transmission cooler instaled because if your tranny fails you will be like me and keep waisting your money i know i have a 95 ford probe se that the trans. has failed twice so now im converting to manual.


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Aotomatic transmission filters are typically inside the transmission just above bottom pan.

:On my 1995 ford probe, i was told there isn't a oil filter for that year so just throw the filter away and change the gasket...there actually is a filter in the transmission but its internal and the trany would need to be taken apart to access it.

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That would be the 4L60E transmission.

That would be a 4L60E transmission.

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No. The 89-91 probes had a 2.2 engine. The 2nd generation (93 and up) have a 2.0. They use different transmissions.

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