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Why would a 1995 Ford Thunderbird shake in the front every so often and the ABS light come on sometimes?


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2008-03-15 22:25:23
2008-03-15 22:25:23

Hey Leigh==If it shakes when wyou applly the brakes, the front rotors or rear drums are warped and need to be turned. This can also cause the ABS light to come on . Good luckJoe I had this problem with my car and my dad got a hold of it and looked at the trans as it was having problems. He tightened the tail shaft and it hasn't done it since. I don't know if you have fixed your problem, but maybe that will help, I don't know. Good Luck Kenneth


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the relay is in the trunk on the drivers side in front of the tail light the relay is in the trunk on the drivers side in front of the tail light

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There is a CEL, Check Engine Light, on the 1989 Thunderbird.

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The brake light fuse on a 1987 Thunderbird is located on the back of the headlight switch. It is not in the fuse box.

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where is backup switch located on a 63 thunderbird

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