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Why would a 1995 Grand Prix radiator be low on fluid when the reservoir is full and should the fans located just behind the radiator run all the time or just when needed?


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2005-10-21 01:27:20
2005-10-21 01:27:20

fan should only run when needed, low fluid sensor lamp is on because cooling system has a vapor lock,ei:air pocket where sensor is. bleed off air and the rest should take care of its self


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Engine coolant expands when heated. Heated coolant needs a reservoir to come and go as needed.

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Not necessarily! Let it cool down then check the radiator water level and the water overflow reservoir tank. In a properly operating system the reservoir adds water as needed to the radiator when it cools down after you quit driving. #1. The radiator should be full of water and the reservoir tank should be 3/4 full of water. #2. At a certain temperature or with the "AC on" the radiator fan(s) should be sucking air over the radiator and cooling coils. So! Fill the radiator and the reservoir and when it overheats in idle see if the fans behind the radiator are operating.

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The reservoir is usually considered to be the tank which holds coolant. It feeds the coolant into the radiator when needed, and receives coolant from the radiator as is necessary. This is where you check and maintain the coolant level. Make sure the cap is on quite tight.

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The radiator drain plug for a Kia Sedona is located at the bottom of the radiator. The radiator flush that is needed can be purchased at any auto parts store.

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That reservoir is an overflow reservoir and really doesn't serve well if large adjustments to fluid levels are required. It sounds very much like your radiator fluid is very low and the overflow reservoir is just not going to cut it. While the engine is cool, remove the actual radiator cap and add as much fluid as is needed, that way. After that keep an eye on the overflow reservoir and maintain the correct level in it. On another note, if you don't already know, try to figure out why your radiator is that low on fluid, it must be quite low for the heat to not work and it's unusual for a normally operating engine to lose that much fluid.

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