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You may have some bare wires that are shorting out on the clutch pedal. Get under the dash and check it out.

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Q: Why would a 1995 Mazda 626 stall everytime you depress the clutch?
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What pedal would you full depress to ensure the car engine will not stall?


Why does your mustang stall out at lights?

It would stall out at lights because when you need to shift you have to let up on the clutch easy when your changing gears; therefore you will stall out if you let the clutch go too fast.

Why does a car stall when the clutch is engaged?

There are three common problems which are causing your car to stall when the clutch is engaged. These problems are either a worn out clutch plate, a warped pressure plate or disc, or a damaged throw out bearing.

Why does Xr100 dirt bike stall when clutch is let out?

you got to give it gas so you can take of and then it wont stall

Why does my car stall after ignition turned over?

Cars fequently stall, especially if they are a clutch. If your car is not a clutch, iIwould have a mechanic look at it. It could be a spark plug issue, and you don't want to mess around with that.

Why does a Subaru wrx stall at redlights?

When you stop, you may be letting the clutch out to early.

Why does your chev Cavalier want to stall when pressing in the clutch?

It needs a tune-up.

Why does Astra auto 8v stall when slowing?

If the vehicle has an automatic transmission, then the torque converter clutch is probably sticking. The clutch is controlled by a solenoid, that moves it back and fourth. The clutch material can get stuck to the inside of the converter and stall the engine. Have the transmission flushed, and if the problem persists, then have the solenoid replaced.

Can you push in the clutch and brake without shifting it in neutral?

No. You will stall(or cut-out). This means that the car shuts down and then you have to clutch in and put it into neutral. Then(still on the clutch) turn on the car again.

What makes car stall while in gear?

A problem in the fuel line could cause it to stall. On a stick shift, letting off the clutch too soon would cause the vehicle to stall.

Why would a 1994 Nissan 4x4 6cyl with auto trany stall everytime you stop once the engine has reached normal operating temperature you can keep it running if you depress the gas pedal to keep up rpm?

You might need to have the pcm serviced. i had the same problem with my stratus and it turned out that the pcm was bad.

Why does your car stall when you depress the clutch when stopping?

If your car runs fine cruising, then coming to a stop (perhaps at an off-ramp) you press the clutch, let off the gas, and the car stalls, then most likely, you have a vacuum leak from your intake manifold or low fuel pressure. This is dependent on the vehicle, of course. More information would have been more helpful in answering the question.

Does the clutch plate stop the fly wheel?

Technically, it never touches the flywheel - the clutch disc does. You can stop the flywheel (stall-out the engine) by engaging the clutch in gear with the brakes firmly applied.

What causes a 1988 chey caprice to stall when it is put in gear?

Is your clutch bad or wearing out ?

What could cause a manual to stall when stopping but idle fine?

I would check clutch plate, if faulty renew, the clutch might need adjusting.

Why would a Mazda 929 stall when it is damp?

sounds like your distributer is getting moisture in it

Why does car shake and stall?

Travelling to slow in a high gear, so clutch in and lower the gear.

Why does my 1989 cavalier stall when it's put in gear?

it sounds like ur clutch went out in it.

Your 94 probe gt has new clutch but when you are on a hill car will not goit does not stall but it does not rev up either?

IF your 94 Probe GT has a new clutch, but when you are on a hill the car will not go, it could be the fuel line. This is especially true if it does not stall and does not rev up either.

Why does diesel car stall on a hill?

ANY car will stall on a proper hill if you try to bring the clutch up without any revs generated from the gas pedal.

Why does your 72 bug stall every time you push in the clutch even after you put a new throw out baring an clutch in it?

its not the baring, its the transmission. its got very old gears.

What makes an engine stall?

bad driving technique a clutch fault a misfire in the engine and having your bite point too high or releasing the clutch to quik

Why would a 91 Grand Am bog down like it is going to stall?

Torque converter clutch solenoid

Why does your cbr 900 stall when you put it in gear?

The kick-stand switch or clutch lever switch have failed.

Why does your car stall when you press the gas pedal or you put it in reverse?

youre lifting the clutch up to quick