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It could be a thermostat that is stuck open or maybe a bigger the blend door is either jammed or broken as well.

2005-12-15 06:30:15
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What does the heater resistor blower effect on a 99 Mercury Cougar when it goes out?

When the heater resistor goes, your climate control fans will only work on the fourth setting. You can get a new resistor from any Ford Lincoln Mercury dealer, though they may have to order one.

What happen if the blower motor resistor shorts out?

Usually, all that happens is that you are left with only the high speed setting, no matter what setting you put the switch on. In some cases though, the wiring or harness can be damaged near the resistor and should be replaced or repaired along with replacing the resistor.

Your car was leaking water on the resistor so you fixed the leak and replaced the resistor and in the mean time before the resistor got replace the fan would only kick on on the highest setting but on?

The old resistor was burned out. If you burn out the new one again, replace the blower motor.

Why does the 2000 Malibu heater only work on high?

Assuming you're talking about the blower motor, because the blower motor resistor is faulty, and needs to be replaced. On the high setting, it doesn't go through the resistor - on the other settings, it does.

2001 impala does not blower motor does not work on the 1 setting?

It is either the blower motor control switch or the blower motor resistor pack. More than likely it is the resistor pack. It must be replaced or just live with it until it fails completely.

Why does AC Heat work only on high setting?

I'm assuming that the fan only blows on the high setting. This is due to a resistor that has failed and needs to be replaced. I had this problem on my '98 GP where setting 1 stopped working, then 2 and three in sequence. The tech explained that a resistor had blown. After replacing the failed parts, they began to burn out again in the same sequence after a few years. The car was wrecked before I had it repaired again.

Heater fan switch not working on 1 and 2 setting on 2000 Pontiac Montana?

I just had that same problem..I took it in to have it fixed and they replaced the blower motor resistor and that seems to have fixed the problem

Hello I'm wondering why the heat and ac on this 1999 Chevy s10 stopped working on setting number 4 At first no setting would work. Now all setting work 1-3 but turns off on 4.?

The blower motor resistor is out and it is fairly inexpensive to get replaced around $25.00.

Can a bad resistor cause the low setting on a blower motor not to work?


What causes the AC switch to turn on only on the five setting on a 2002 Chevy Impala?

If you are referring to the blower motor speed control, and you only have one speed, then the blower motor resistor pack is defective and must be replaced.

How do you fix the resistor switch in a 1994 Nissan bluebird as my air conditioner only works on high setting?

Only thing you can do is replace the resistor, there is no repair.

Where is the Heater Resistor located on a Chrysler Cirrus Lxi 1998?

Under the dash passenger side. You have to remove the cover held on by two retaining clips. The resistor pack in mounted under the dash by two bolts(there are two sets of wires plugged into it). Just a tip....I replaced the thermal fuse on the resistor pack after having only high setting on my blower motor. The fuse costs about 2 bucks Canadian while the resistor pack itself runs about 45 bucks.

Setting the ignition controle module on 1991 Mercury Tracer?

can't be set. only replaced. and that isn't your problem anyway. replace the crank position sensor, or the fuel pump. then your 1.9 will start.

Why does your heat only come out hot on a low setting?

Sounds like the blower resistor is burned out.

What is the point setting on a 1972 20 hp mercury thunderbolt ignition?

The correct maker point gap setting on the 1972 model, 20 hp Mercury outboard is .020in.

Heater fan switch works only on the highest setting?

The blower motor speed resistor is burned out. You can replace only the resistor but the resistor probably burned out because the blower motor is going bad. If you want to fix it for good, replace both the blower motor and blower motor speed resistor.

Why does fan not work on low and medium setting but does on high?

That is a typical sign that the blower resistor has gone faulty

How do you fix a 96 Ford Contour that only blows air on highest setting?

the contour has problems with the blower motor switch and the resistor. I would check the resistor connector for signs of melting.

The heater fan in your Jeep Liberty only works on setting number 4 What could be the problem Is it the switch or something simple?

This also happenned on my Liberty. It was not in the switch or in the fuse box, a part needed to be replaced by the dealership. Addendum: That might have been the fan speed resistor block that they replaced. Ninety-eight per cent chance that was the fan speed resistor. I bought one on eBay for $27 and replaced it in about 10 minutes. You need to drop the glove box by pushing in the holder clips. Inside you'll see a part with several wires held to the heater housing by two bolts. Remove the bolts, turn around the assembly, and there's your resistor, ready for replacment. Piece of cake.

Why does the heater on 1999 Buick Century only work on the high setting?

Either than switch, the resistor, or the relay is bad. On my 1999 Buick Century, the blower motor quit working on the three lower speeds, and then went out completely. When the resistor goes bad, the lower speeds quit working. My blower motor was squealing, also. After I replaced the blower motor and the resistor, I tested it and found the blower worked great on every speed but high. It turned out that there is a separate circuit for high speed, and the fuse was blown. I replaced the fuse for the high speed, and the blower now works on all 5 speeds. Replacing the blower and resistor was difficult, but not as bad as expected, thanks to help from this site.

Why would the low fan setting not work on a 2002 Silverado?

Possibly defective Blower Motor Resistor Pack.

Why does the fan for heater on 2002 Mercury Villager only work on 4 high setting?

Knowing similar fords this is likely a resistor that sits under the dash and burns out from time to time. It's a cheap part from ford and they usually don't charge very much to put them in.

Why does the heater on a 2003 Chrysler Sebring only blow at the full setting?

Blower Fan Resistor ReplacementBehind and below the glove box is a "Blower Fan Motor resistor" which needs to be replaced. Motors are set to be either on or off (positions off and 4). A resistor varies the speed of the motor between off and full blast. When this is blown it needs to be replaced. Remove the glove box by pinching the top sides of the glove box inward towards the center and pull forward and down (make sure to remove all items in the glove box before or it'll end up on the floor). Pinch the sides of the resistor and pull out. I have found that most parts stores do not sell this item and it's only available through a dealer.

Why is your blower only works on the highest setting on your 2001 Dodge Durango Sport?

You need to replace blower motor resistor.

What is the spark plug gap setting on a 1995 Mercury Mystique?

the gap is 5.0