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Sounds to Me Like You may have a voltage regulater problum. GM cars have inturnal Regultors. Fords have exturnal reglaters.try checking the reglater. Good Luck Darwin B. Fuse-fuselink-ground or U don't have 12 volts from the ignition switch 2 the alternator BUT-(IF) it does have an external regulator-- make SURE u use a MOTOR CRAFT regulator-after market regs usally don't last!!& make sure U have 12 volts from the ALTERNATOT 2 the STARTER The 96 contour, and I think the '95-'98 as well, has a 'maxifuse' hidden underneath the air-intake box covering the air-intake manifold (not the filter box!). You will find (up near the firewall on the belt side of the engine) a black plastic box about an inch wide and roughly 3 inches long. It is not listed in the repair manuals, and is usually the reason no power is being produced by the alternator. We replaced 3 alternators before finding this thing.

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Q: Why would a 1996 Ford Contour still not charge after the alternator has been changed?
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i have changed the alternator and voltage regulator and it still wont charge ; 84 Plymouth reliant

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You may have a weak or dead battery.

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Inside the alternator

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its the baterry

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As long as the ignition switch is off, it will not damage the alternator.

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If the alternator is good then the battery is bad.

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Still Won't Charge After Installing a New AlternatorUsually this is an indication that the wiring system is "screwed up." Either it was that way before, leading to the need to replace the alternator, OR whoever changed the alternator screwed the wiring up during the replacement process.You need a Professional to properly troubleshoot the system and make proper repairs.

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