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Why would a 1996 Ford Taurus 3.0 engine Ax4N transmission with 181K miles start without fail but it die when put in gear?


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2005-08-10 17:03:08
2005-08-10 17:03:08

on the front of your transmission is harness plug .unplug it and try it then. It could be a few problems, but the main one would be your Lock up converter. The converter itself and/or the wiring may be bad, thus making your transmission lock itself when you try to put it into gear. Upon removing the transmission (some overhaul will be needed) a common problems with the AX4N are bad valve body or worn gears. This tranny is electronically controlled and can often be a pain to work on because it is very exacting. Have a Transmission specialist(not a dealer, unless under warranty) test it and replace the necessary parts. The dealer will want to replace the whole thing, which probably is not necessary. New AX4N's run 2500-3000 plus labor.


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