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Why would a 1996 Lincoln Town Car stall at highway speeds of 70 mph?


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2011-09-13 17:14:01
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mine had a elec. short @ high speeds or shrp turns it would stall out. wait 5 min then it starrt again or open the hood and wiggle around the fuses in the fuse box facing the car towards the windshield on the right side

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if it happens when you go full throttle or at highway speeds try replacing the fuel filter

Could be many reasons such as bad alternator, or bad fuel pump.

Bad torque converter. They lock when you go at highway speeds, to improve efficency. If they don't disengage properly, the car will stall when you stop. Could be a bad solenoid (switch). Can be fixed or bypassed. If bypassed, you save the cost of a repair, but will lose highway efficency.

The first thing I would try would be cleaning the throttle body with some carb and choke cleaner. When they get really dirty it can cause you to stall at slow speeds. On my 93 there is a Crank Shaft Position sensor. Mine started to melt and the jeep stalled at weired times for a week. If your jeep has a lock up solenoid in your tranny and its stuck on, then you will stall at stops Not sure about a 94, but my 2000 would stall while driving at highway speeds. Dealer replaced the oxygen sensor and it fixed the problem.

Need to know the year and make, It would help answer.

Not using premium fuel caused that in my 2004 Navigator.

Common cars can't do highway speeds (65 mph) in first gear and many have rev limiters.

Still having the problem? This happened to my brothers 91 Skylark...He would come off of the highway and when pulling up to a stop sign or signal light, it would stall...Putting it in park it would start right up again...Then into drive and it would stall unless he gave it lots of gas then sometimes it would go without stalling...Turned out to be a solenoid in the transmission (I believe it was called the torque converter lock solenoid or something like that)...$200 at the local Chev dealer fixed it... The service manager knew exactly what it was when we called and described the symptoms... You may want to change the transmission oil and filter first. It worked fine in my case.

sounds like a crankshaft positioning sensor. must be at low speeds and stop signs?

Assuming the question is about speeds, there is no simple answer. For example, a speed that is safe for a car on a winding road in wet weather would not be safe for an aircraft - the aircraft would probably stall!

Two or more complete drive cycles should do it. A drive cycle would include a cold start, driving 10 miles or so, some miles at highway speeds then shut down and cool off.

Unless your in Amish Country the general answer to that is NO. Most highways do not allow vehicles unable to keep to a certain speed or pedestrians, and this would include horses. So unless your horse is IN a horse trailer and going at highway speeds, no.

NO! Mopeds generally are 50cc or less. Some states allow highway travel with a minimum of 150cc which is suicidal, unless it can maintain 70mph. Personally I would go no less than 250cc for highway riding, and more like 400cc for long distance touring with or without a passenger and with the ability to pass comfortably at highway speeds.

because if you stop immediately then the car will stall.

does my 1996 pontiac ga stall out in park

that can be any number of things, a bad fuel filter, a bad fuel pump, it can be electrical, air. there are 3 basic elements that make a vehicle run: Air, Electricity, fuel, you take away one of these 3 items and your can will run very crappy or not at all. Start with the basics and go from there.

if you have a cracked distributor cap then water would get inside it and make your car stall.

i"m not sure if a Lincoln navigator would have a sway bar, But my sway bar broke in my Chevy celebrity once and the whole car would rock side to side after turns and such. it's a bar by the rear axle and mine literally broke in two.

Hey Carol==The fuel filter is probably just about stopped up. Replace it and I think you will fix your car. GoodluckJoe

No idea to be honest, but i have a 95 Corsica with a similar problem that will turn the Service engine light on after a while of driving highway speeds, or after reaching highway speeds and slowing down again. After getting the code read i found out it was for the EGR valve sensor. Basically meaning that its positioning fine at normal in town driving but not working as it should at higher speeds. Again i can't assure you this is a positive solution but i would recommend running your car as you would normally get on the highway and then while the light stays on going to AutoZone (They will run service engine soon checks for free) or a mechanic you trust. hope this helps.

Check the operation of the cooling fans. However, if you are driving at highway speeds the cooling fan would not be needed, therefore it could be a defective thermostat or a clogged radiator, in which case a radiator shop could clean and refurbish it. If not driving at highway speeds, the check not only the fan, but the thermostatic switch controlling the fan and the fuse/circuit breaker for the fan system

check all your vaccum hoses to make sure their tight and not hanging off.

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