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Why would a 1996 Mercury Villager dash lights go on when the brake is applied and have no brake lights if dash lights are on?


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you may have wires crossed if some one has installed a new radio system recentley My Villager did this a couple of years ago. After countless hours in the shop it ended up being the rear taillight. The lead contacts on the bulbs were touching one another and shorting the system.

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If the brake lights stay on that probably means the switch on the brake pedal that activates them is defective.

This is usually cause by a stuck brake light switch on the brake pedal. Replace it.

"Stuck" brake lights indicate that the brake light switch on the brake pedal is broken. It should be replaced.

Brake light switch needs adjusting or replacing. It is too sensitive.

I have a 98 Villager and I had the same problem. I found that the brake light switch at the brake pedal needed adjusting. Just loosen the lock nut and adjust the switch so that the brake lights do not stay on but only come on when the brakes are applied, then tighten the locknut. Worked for me. Hope this helps.

I would check the rear bulbs. I just had this issue and it ended up my brother had used the wrong bulb, and odd enough it caused the brake lights to stay on with headlights. When headlights were not on and you applied the brakes the dash would light and brake lights worked. Strange, HUH? I must admit before this revelation, I replaced headlight switch and brake switch, with no avail.

Not only the brake switch but also there are 2 plastic buttons that depress the switches sometimes these wear out and need replaced ,I couldn't find these so I improvised .

check the contacts on the brake light bulbs correspond with the terminals in the holder, eg not a single contact bulb in a double contact holder

Mounted to the firewall on the driver's side.

To change the rear brake light on a Mercury Villager, the tail gate must first be lifted. This allows access to the lens, which must be removed with a screwdriver. Then, the bulb may be replaced.

The brakes on the Villager are as straight forward as the brakes on a 1965 Mercury. Only normal brake tools are required.

Two plastic pads on the brake pedal which press on two switches on a bracket are missing. Meaning the switches never get pressed and the brake lights stay on and run down the battery. See a dealer to put new plastic "buttons" in the pedal.

change the brake lights check the fuse check the brake light swtch

On the firewall near the brake master cylinder.

The BOO (Brake On/Off) Switch may need to be replaced. If it is bad, it would cause the brake lights to NOT illuminate when the brake pedal is applied.

There is a switch down at the brake pedal, It's most likely bad. This is true. There is a switch under the brake pedal that probably needs to be adjusted or replaced. I have this same problem in my 1998 mercury villager. I have not replaced or adjusted the switch...not sure the cost or how hard it is to do. However, I have found that once you are in park, if the brake lights do not go off, I press down hard on the brake pedal and the lights go off.

Remove the two slider screws that hold it in place.

Your brake light switch under your pedal is brobaly stuck

yes, it lights up only when brake is applied

Fog lights are in the front; they are commonly referred to as "brights" because they are the brighter of the two standard headlights. Brake lights are in the rear; they light up when pressure is applied to the brakes or when the car is in park or reverse.

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