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well maybe you blew the timing belt or the piston or bent the valves Could be you have a badly cracked head or a failed head gasket that is leaking. Or if the car has a zillion miles on her, the pistion rings could be shot. Yeah, you don't really care why; fact is you're looking for a new engine anyway, sorry to say Phil

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โˆ™ 2007-04-27 02:25:04
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Q: Why would a 1996 Ponitac Sunfire 22 engine have no compression?
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What is the engine compression for a 93 jeep cherokee?

Normal engine compression would be 100-125psi

Would a 2001 Sunfire 2.2l engine fit a 1996 Sunfire?

Only if u used the transsmission, engine computer and motor mounts from the 01

Which engine design would have a compression ratio of 23 to 1?

The Diesel

How do know if your timing chain is broken on a 1999 Chevy truck 1500?

The engine would not run. The engine would lack compression.

Does anyone know how much an engine compression test would cost on a 99 grand prix gtp?

An engine compression test on a 99 Grand Prix GTP can cost $180

Why would an engine have poor compression?

The Cylinder head could be damaged or a ring out of place, causing the release of air, making less compression

What would be an average compression test reading for a 350?

The average compression test reading for a Chevy 350 small block engine is around 150 PSI. Lower pressure indicates that there is a leak in the engine.

What is the compression on a 1989 yamaha 750 waverunner?

on any engine good compression would be anything over 100psi, though really good can be up to 150+ anything under 90psi and your engine will not run.

What would cause low compression on a single piston engine?

The piston rings may be worn out .

What is the proper compression for a Suzuki Lt500?

your answer is not easy. do you want ratio or compression pressure. I would guess you are talking pressure, which on a stock engine is around 155 lbs.

Can you put a Cobalt 2.0 turbo engine in a 2002 Sunfire?

You would first need to measure the schematics.It would be impossible if its too wide, though if it is too high, ?you can have a hood with the engine sticking out.

What is another name for a compression ignition engine?

many would simply call it a diesel engine, in reference to the most commonly used fuel for them.

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