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Why would a 1997 Cadillac Catera stall when slowing down in traffic 5-10 minutes into the drive then restart immediately and drive fine after that?


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2011-10-19 20:57:22
2011-10-19 20:57:22

There are several porbably reasons: 1.Bad fuel filter 2.Bad spark plugs 3.Dirty fuel injector 4.Bad fuel pump 5.(the worst and unfortunately very common) Bad coil

all of these things are good but this is what we did on our 2000 Catera Same Problem the engine would stop after about 20 minutes of driving, we replaced the Crank Shaft sensor and it runs fine now, the reason is the wire coming from the sensor runs along the exhaust pipes when the wire heats up it loses its connectivity and will shut the engine off until the wire cools down about 15 to 20 minutes later then starts back up and runs fine until the wire gets to hot again. If this doesn't fix the problem then the next thing to replace is the Cam Sensor. We didn't need to replace it though, Jim


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Frequently while slowing down to my 1991 caravan stops. I have to turn the key and restart it or it will stop completely. Why does this happen.

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It does not. It continues to rotate - slowing down gradually.

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Your computer may either be acting strange. It may be because it is slowing down, and may need to restart.

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I have a 1995 Vandura 2500 that stall when slowing at traffic lights, exit ramps etc. The problem was worse when low on gas and hot outside. The problem was a bad fuel pump located located in the fuel tank. Once the fuel pump heats up the flow capacity goes down. Van will stall and hard to restart until it sits for a while. Hope this helps.

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ice or frozen peas is the best way. keep it on the spot for about en minutes

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