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Hey Cari==This is probably the ABS working. Have someone who knows about abs drive it and get their openion. GoodluckJoe

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You replaced rear brake shoes and drums your brakes are now fading and have to be pumped to stop There are no leaks and the adjustment is up where it should be?

Try bleeding your brakes. If there is air in the system it can give a spongy feeling to your brake pedal and require you to pump your brakes and/or put your brake pedal to the floor.

What is pumped bacon?

pumped bacon is pumped bacon

What is the problem of 2.3L motor when the brakes pedal goes to the floor while motor is running but the brakes pedal can be pumped up when the motor is not running?

Check master cylinder for fluid level Check around all wheels for a fluid leak or bad wheel cylinder The reason you can pump brake up without engine running is that you are emptying the vacuum reservoir and no longer have power (vacuum) assist

Can you have a pulse without a heart beat?

No, a pulse is the blood being pumped around your body by your heart

Where is blood pumped to before it is pumped to the lungs?

it is pumped to the heart first then to the lungs

Do trailer brakes automatically lock when the air lines have been disconnected?

Air pressure within the air braking system of a tractor-trailer (or large truck) is what prevents the brakes from being applied. The pressure of the air pushes back a large spring at each wheel. The large spring will apply the brakes when there is no pressure in the system. When the driver steps on the brake pedal, air is released out of the system and the brakes are applied. When the driver's foot comes off the brake pedal, air is quickly pumped back into the system and the brakes are released. Disconnecting the air line has the same effect on the trailer's brakes. Air is released from the system, and the brakes are applied. It is not the brakes themselves that lock. Application of the brakes causes the wheels to lock.

Where are H pumped in the mitochondria?

H+ are pumped into inner membrane or matrix.H+ are pumped from cytoplasm.

What does the recycle on a pool do?

it recirculates the water that is pumped back into the pool without allowing it to go through the filter

What blood vessell takes blood without oxygen to the heart?

veins .the right auricle receives the impure blood through veins . This blood is then pumped to the right ventricle and further pumped to the lungs for oxygenation.

Is blood pumped by the brain?

NO blood is pumped by the heart

What is the French word for pumped?

'pumped in french is 'pompé'

Why do the brakes on your 1993 Chevy suburban build pressure then lock up?

If the rear brakes are drum brakes, then there could be a leaky wheel cylinder. The wetness inside the drum will cover all the brake shoes and parts and cause the wheel to lock up when applied. The build of pressure could be due to the wheel cylinder leaking and causing a pressure loss, but rising when the brakes are applied or pumped up. This may/may not be your case, but definitely worth checking the rears.

Do you tell if you need to bleed the brakes?

Spongy brake pedal that can be pumped up to more solid pedal Brake fluid system has been opened for repair or part replacement Spongy brake pedal that can be pumped up to more solid pedal Brake fluid system has been opened for repair or part replacement

What's the direction sodium ions are pumped?

Sodium ions and potassium ions are pumped in opposite directions. Sodium ions are pumped out of the cell and potassium ions are pumped into the cell.

What makes your car shake when you push the brake pedal?

More than likely you have a warped rotor. Have your brake pads replaced and the rotors turned or replaced. Also, some cars will automatically pump the brakes in an emergency, or panic braking. This can be felt as if you rapidly pumped the brakes several times in quick succession.

Blood is pumped by?

Blood is pumped by heart right ventricle.

Blood pumped by the right ventricle?

The blood pumped by the right ventricle is deoxygenated blood which is pumped to the lungs by pulmonary artery.

How long can a human last without a heart?

Well death would not be instantaneous but without blood being pumped to it the person would lose consciousness in a few tens of seconds.

What is the meaning you were pumped?

'You were pumped' can either mean you are excited or you are tired/worn out.

When air is pumped into a tire?

When it is needed.The tire inflates when air is pumped in

Why Blood is pumped by the brain?

Blood is pumped round the body by the heart.

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