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Why would a 1997 Chevy Lumina turn off while driving around town?


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2008-10-21 17:47:59
2008-10-21 17:47:59

a bad module .if it cuts off and cranks in about 15 to 20 minutes change your module What module are you talking about please? I have the same problem. You shoud change Idle Air Control Valve. It will fix the problem.


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You may have the problem of your intake manifold gaskets. They are a problems on the lumina. I had to have mine replaced due to the same thing. Also check if your coolant is mixing with your oil if it is. Than it is definitally your intake manifold gasket.

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while you are in park? That should be normal. While in gear or driving, no that isn't.

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1993 Chevy lumina: check all vacume lines for leaks and or splits around intake.AnswerIf you are not actually moving (just revving up the engine), it is normal for the engine stop at 4000 rpm. (governored)

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