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If the clunk sound seems to come from the front of the car and normally occurs after turning a sharp left or right and then hitting your brake--this is probably due to your upper isolators (the bushings between the body of the car and subframe/engine cradle; there are also 4 lower ones) are worn out. I had the same problem with my 94 ES and I had the front suspension and other frontal parts checked but they could not determine the problem. After much thought and research I thought to myself that the upper isolators were the culprits. I bought 4 upper isolators (there are 4 total) and had them changed at the repair shop for $230. I still hear the clunk but it is much much faintier than before and my steering and ride are a whole lot better. In addition I looked at them after they were removed and two of them were very badly worn so worn that the rubber on 2 of them were completely gone. Keep in mind that these cars have bushing and suspension problems (the majority of my money and time went to bushings and suspension: inner and outer tie rod bushing, steering rack isolators, frontal struts, ball joints) so if there is an excessive play or poor returnability of the steering this could mean that other bushings and/or other suspension components are bad. * The clunking sound is actually due to strut mounts being worn and/or loose. Changing the isolators only minimize the clunking. It is best to get the strut mounts inspected to further clarify assumptions.

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Q: Why would a 1997 Dodge Intrepid make a random loud clunk when you apply the breaks?
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