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prob low on coolant. More then likely though you need to flush the radiator. Because when you rev the system fan forces air into system and cools vehicle somewhat check coolant had this same problem from a leak in my water pump at freeway speeds and being a cool day ran great but during idle almost immediate overheating

3 more things to check
  • Engine cooling fans are working - fuses, are plugged in, relays working

  • Radiator / cooling system flush - to be honest, I'd suggest having it professionally done. Find a Fall special at a local repair shop

  • Water pump - the water pump 'impeller' can wear or come loose from the shaft
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Answeralso check for automatic idle adjustment. this sort of works like a choke allowing engine to idle up or down when needed this is especially needed if using a/c as a/c makes engine work harder needing more cooling, such as coolant flow and air from outside engine compartment
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Q: Why would a 1997 Ford Windstar temp gauge reach the H while setting idle but go down in drive and when you rev the engine go back to normal?
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Are 1996 Ford Explorer engines compatible with 1996 Windstar engines?

No , A 1996 Ford Explorer is either rear wheel drive or 4x4 capable or ( All Wheel Drive , available with V8 engine only ) A Ford Windstar is a front wheel drive vehicle

Is Ford windstar 1995 front wheel drive?

Windstar mini-vans are front wheel drive.

Is the 1999 Ford Windstar Front wheel drive?

YES , the Ford Windstar is a front wheel drive vehicle

Why is the check engine light blinking on 1998 ford windstar?

If your check engine light is blinking with the engine running that means an engine cylinder misfire has been detected . You will need to have your Ford Windstar scanned for any trouble codes to help diagnose and then repair the problem . You can drive it in to have it repaired , just drive in a moderate fashion ( avoid any rapid acceleration or deceleration because you can damage the catalytic converter )

Is a 1998 Ford Windstar rear wheel drive?

The Windstar, Freestar & Monterey are Ford's front-wheel drive mini-vans. The 'Econoline' series of vans and Aerostar are the rear-wheel drive offerings.

Is your 2001 Ford Windstar a front wheel drive or rear wheel drive?

front wheel drive

Why does the check engine light blink flash in your Ford Windstar?

If your check engine light is flashing when the engine is running that means that an engine cylinder misfire has been detected ( if you are going to drive it in for repair avoid any rapid acceleration / braking , you can damage the catalytic converter )

How does a drive shaft work?

A drive shaft is a connector device that basically transmitts power from the engine of a vehicle to its other end to make them work. As the engine starts working, the drive shaft starts rotating, setting the rear end of the vehicle in motion.

Which fuse controls the drive and passenger windows on a 95 ford windstar?

what the number of the fuse on window 95 windstar diver side

What does the warning light above the temperature gage mean on a 1999 ford windstar?

On a 1999 Ford Windstar : The warning light ( that looks like an engine ) located above your engine temperature gauge is the " CHECK ENGINE " warning light . It comes on if something is effecting the engine emission controls . If it stays on , drive it into a professional or if it starts flashing that means an engine cylinder misfire has been detected and you need to avoid any heavy acceleration or deceleration until you have it repaired

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What causes oil pressure drop when engine has heated up during drive?

The oil gets thinner. It is normal for the oil pressure to drop after the engine has reached full operating temperature. If you have from 30-40 psi pressure when the engine is hot then that is normal.

Is a 2003 Ford Windstar safe to drive if the cam position of the cmp sensor was installed incorrectly?

"safe to drive" - sure, this isn't going to cause the engine to blow up or break-down.Run poorly, sure, but not fatal to the mechanicals

Is a 1988 Ford Windstar rear wheel drive?

Yes, It should be an Aerostar.

Why does the engine light come on and go off on your 1999 windstar van?

The engine light comes on when the computer receives information from the various sensors that something is "not normal".If those bad readings go away - so will the Check Engine light - after a few "drive cycles".By the way, those bad readings, or Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) are not erased when the light goes off - they can still be read by a scanner.This is very good information to have in figuring out the *cause* of engine problems.See "Related Questions" below for more

What causes your car to drive really slow?

There are many different causes of poor vehicle performance. Here are some examples. If the engine RPMs are high but the vehicle will not reach normal speed then there is a problem with the engine's connection to the drive line. If the engine is running rough it will not be able to produce a normal amount of power. If the exhaust is plugged the engine will not be able to breath. There are many more possible causes.

Can you drive with one intake manifold runner stuck open on a 1997 Ford Windstar.?

yes you can

How dangerous is it to drive with a hole in your engine?

you cant drive your car if you have hole in your engine because your engine is a propeller for your car.

Where is the distributor on a 1998 Chrysler Sebring 2.5l v6?

Rear drive side of the engine.Rear drive side of the engine.

What is vehicle layout?

The only vehicle layout I know of is used to describe the location of the engine in the vehicle and where it's drive wheels are: Front engine Front Wheel Drive Front engine Rear Wheel Drive Front engine All Wheel Drive mid engine Rear Wheel Drive mid engine AWD Rear engine RWD rear engine AWD never hear pf a Mid engine FWD or rear engine FWD

Where is exhaust manifold on Windstar?

This v6 engine has the traditional front-wheel drive 'transverse' mounting. This means the exhaust manifolds are on the front (towards the radiator) and back (facing the firewall) sides of the engine.The exhaust manifold is made of heavy cast iron and directly beneath where the sparkplugs mount.

Why does your ford windstar only drive in neutral?

If a Ford Windstar only drives in neutral, it may be due to a blown fuse. It will be best to check the neutral safety switch or brake pedal switch.

Why does your check engine light blink on and off and the engine start sputtering on your ford windstar 2003?

Check engine light on steady = have your vehicle checked.If it is blinking = have your vehicle checked now.=============================================Just adding to the answer :If your check engine light is blinking that means that an engine cylindermisfire has been detected . You can drive it in for repair , just avoid anyrapid acceleration or deceleration because you can damage the catalyticconverter

How can you disable or bypass the power steering pump on a 1999 Ford Windstar to be able to still drive it?

you cant

Can drive 150 miles with service engine soon light on a 2005 altima 2.5 SE?

Check your fluid levels, and if all is topped up, and everything sounds and feels normal, drive away.