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Why would a 1997 V8 Aurora run SO HOT?


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working on that myself. changed thermostat, (did get new coolant tank cap so now it does not boil over when the engine is turned off) sometimes a blown gasket is a contributor or culprit- they can test the coolant for exhaust fumes.. I have a minor gasket issue but not large enough to cause my overheat.. checking to see if the put in the wrong thermostat.. they had put in green antifreeze instead of Dexcoool... There is a air dam underneath the front of the car. It begins above the molding for the front bump and goes all the way past the top of the radiator. It screws into a brace about 3 inches above the lip of the bumper with 2 large push-pin type screws. If this air dam is damaged at all if will probably cause the car to overheat. Other than that, click on the a/c and see if your fans turn on, if they dont you probably have a dead fan or fan relay. This is more of a general rule of thumb for all cars.


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Yes you can, use a duralast belt # 745K6 from autozone, it will run you about $28

Same problem on mine...I had the blower motor module replaced and it works great.

The first thing I would check is the coolant level. If it's full, it could be the thermostat.

simply having a blown fuse would not cause the engine to run hot. But, it depends on what fuse is blown. a fuse blown for the cooling fans would make it run hot.

I think you would know if you needed a freeze out plug for you would be losing coolant & losing coolant would make your ride run hot.

Aurora vehicles have been known to be extremely durable. As to how well they run, that depends on the car and the year. At any rate, they should run for a high number of miles.

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stuck thermostat, not enough antifreeze in radiator, leaking hose, are the usual. then it would be blown head gasket, not enough oil in engine, electric fans not coming on.

what i would do, is run it under cold water.

I would start by checking the thermostat, it may not be opening.

yes this will cause engine to run hot

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A leaking fuel pressure regulator is the most common cause for a rich condition on the Olds Aurora 4.0L V8. -------------------------

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I believe that it is a grounding switch. If that is the case it would only have one wire going to the switch. You could run this wire to any fused constant hot. The wire would run from the hot, to the light, to the switch.

Run Reflex - 1997 is rated/received certificates of: Belgium:KT

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water pump, thermostat broken fans, clogged radiator, broken hoses

Bad gasket or overheating of the engine. Check cylinder compression and seals.

No it can not. If the belt is missing that could cause it to run hot.

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