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.about a year ago I did a tune up new plug wire and plugs but now am having touble. have replaced coil distributor cap and rotor.

my trouble is my 1997 chev astro van will not start when it rains or heavy dew.

it runs fine when dry or during a rain storm. It will turn over, there is gas,there is spark from coil but none from distributor to plugs but if i add a wire and plug to ground there is spark or if I turn the distributor (made hole bigger) there is spark, just no ignition and when you shut the key off, it acts like it wants to start. I have had it put on a computer diagnostic, but nothing was found. new distributor cap, and rotor. If you let it sit until the dew is gone, it starts with no problem. Any thoughts on the problem?

heavy dew...

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99 astro that died on you and now wont start replaced cap and rotor button spark plugs and crank sensor have spark and fuel?

Check the coil and replace if bad. Should fix the problem.

Vw golf will not start?

, just signed up on here and only know basics about cars. I tried to start it this morning and would not start. It ticks over as if its going to start but does not fire up. Checked the spark plugs and 1 and 3 had a lot of oil in them from rocker cover gasket i was told. Cleaned it out and cleaned the plugs off and put them all back in but it still will not start and is doing exactly the same thing. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

Can a blown intake manifold gasket cause a 1994 Chevy Astro to run rich and foul the plugs?

That would probably cause it to run lean.

What would cause a 1996 Chevy Blazer not to start in the morning but start OK the rest of the day?

Cheak fuel pression in the morning.

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The oil is cold in the morning

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What would cause a 2000 Chevy Astro van to crank but not start?

I had same problem -- fuel pump went out.

Why would a 1991 Chevy astro van start but when using the brakes it dies and won't restart?

Timing belt.

Why would a diesel car struggle to start with new battery?

Possibly one or more bad glow plugs. try replacing your glow plugs.

What should you expect After changing plugs and wires on 1992 jeep wrangler?

If the old plugs and wires were bad I would expect the engine to start and run better.

1996 ford probe gt has no spark at plugs Would not start one morning New dist installed still no spark Bad replacement possibly Whats next How to check connector voltages?

check the cam sensor and the wiring

What is the misfiring problem with my car after it overheated?

could be as simple as burnt spark plugs i would think it would run worse with a burnt piston but if its not smoking or anything the pistons should be fine so i would start with the plugs

Why would your trailblazer not start in the morning?

Fuel pump or fuel filter possibly.

Why is there a 3y light on your 2009 astro van and how do you get rid of it?

The Astro was discontinued in 2005, so I'm not sure what a 2009 Astro would be.

Why are the spark plugs not firing out of the distributor for a 1995 Mitsubishi Galant?

Most likely bad plugs or firing order isn't right, i would start by checking the order you got the plugs and if that's not it check the plug wires.

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I've got a 92 GS. Last summer I had replaced the spark plugs with Bosch Platinum plugs, and the car ran terribly. It sat over this winter and recently I couldn't get it to start every day. I replaced the plugs with cheap $2 plugs and now the car runs like new and starts every time. I suggest you start there.

1988 rx7 was running then just shut off and now won't restart it's getting fuel but not firing?

I would start checking spark plugs and wires, if they are good I would then check the distributor cap and rotor bug. I would start checking spark plugs and wires, if they are good I would then check the distributor cap and rotor bug.

Why would our 1988 Camaro start hard?

Needs new plugs and wires or just a good tune-up.

After you put in a new battery why would it still not start in the morning in cold weather?

When you say not start, do you mean doesn't crank or does nothing when the key is turned? BClear. For cold weather goto a low vic oil (ex. 5-30), clean/new plugs, fuel is clean - no water and choke system is working.

What makes a 2002 Volvo skip?

their is a few differnt things i would start with this 1. spark plugs 2. a bad coil pack 3. coil pack not plugged in i would start their

What would cause the dash light on a 94 astro to sometimes work sometimes not sometimes hitting it makes it work?

could be several things, I would start with the dimmer switch.

I have a 1989 Chevrolet Astro that started misfiring and discharges Had Wal-mart check batt and charg circuit. They said batt OK their tool said RIPPLE for charging system. What is wrong?

Most likely a shot alternator, as far as misfiring it could be many things (bad spark plugs, clogged air filter, bad distributor, distributor cap) I would start with new spark plugs.

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