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is it shut off or idleing? You may have a blowed head gasket and water is running into the oil, check the oil. If that is not it than make sure your floor boards arent wet because your heater coil might be leaking. The radiator might be busted and just leaking out ALSO: The thermostat maybe installed backwards! Dont forget to check the radiator drain, people forget Blown head gaskets will show signs in three possible ways, depending upon where the gasket has deteriorated. 1) Blow "white smoke" from the exhaust, Actually steam because the gasket is blown pushing coolant into the combustion chamber. 2) milky, foamy oil. Gasket is allowing coolant into the block outside the combustion chamber 3) Losing coolant as soon as it is added. The gasket is blown where pressure from the combustion chamber is entering a coolant port in the engine block. Chrysler mini vans were famous for this one. Once again, when in doubt, bring it to a mechanic that you feel you can trust, there are good ones out there that get business by just doing a good job. It could be something simple. Good luck There is a head bleeder pipe that goes from where the tophose from the radiator goes. It goes from there to the filler tank you have to take small hose off and see if its gloged The ending is a conical small hole. If when you refill the coolingfluid the cilinderhead will not be correctly filled.

Answer My 99 cavalier 2.2 recently had a leaky radiator water inlet pipe (the big black pipe that runs parallel to your valve cover). Check where it bends and goes into the block (providing your motor is set up this way as I have seen some that are not).

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Q: Why would a 1998 Chevy Cavalier 2.2l with a new water pump and thermostat overheat and drain the radiator after being parked if there are no busted hoses?
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What could cause a 1989 Acura Integra to overheat after being driven less than 2 miles?

Water pump, Radiator, thermostat, low coolant, blown head gasket, busted hose. Could be one or all but I would check these first.

Why would a 1996 Dodge Avenger still overheat after replacing a broken thermostat?

Teh According to BrammerCheck the radiator, make sure it isn't leaking. Also make sure the car's water pump isn't busted. You should also check the radiator cap and cooling fans you can check to see if the fans are working by turning on your air conditioner ( Fans should come on when ac is on)

What can cause your car to over heat?

Many things such as low coolant, broken belt, busted hose, no oil, bad radiator, fan not working or a faulty thermostat.

How do you tell if you have a busted radiator on 1996 Ford Taurus?

The radiator will leak, Its function is to hold water in a way as to cool it for the engine. So if it leaks, its busted.

Where could my 1994 Ford Areostar be Leaking antifreeze from?

could be a cracked radiator, bad radiator cap, a busted radiator or heater hose, bad heater core, or a busted fill box!

Will a busted radiator blow a head gasket?


Why is it that your car is steaming up and spraying coolant?

your cars radiator has busted

How do you fix an antifreeze leak on a 2000 Leganza Daewoo?

Depends on where in the cooling system the leak is. Some choices are: -Busted hose Find and replace house -Bad radiator Replace radiator -Leaking thermostat housing Replace thermostat housing and gasket -Failing water pump Replace water pump. While doing this, replace timing belt, tensioner, and idlers, as this is quick task, replace it all while you are in there.

Would a busted head gasket stall your car?

Yes, a busted head gasket might stall your car if the gasket causes the car to overheat. This can actually blow the heads and cripple the car completely.

Your radiator is bubbling could your broken water pump be causing this or is it for sure a busted head gasket?

if you are getting water in your oil its eather a busted hear or head gasket if no water in oil it could be water pump

Can a radiator be messed up by getting the headlights busted off?

a radiator is actually more fragile then people believe. A rock could penetrate it and cause it to leak. With that in mind, If the vehicle was in an accident to cause the headlights to come off, it could damage the radiator.

There was oil found in your radiator coolant?

OH man, you need a shop fast. You probably have a busted head gasket if not worse. Get to shop ASAP.

How do you take off the catalitic converter on a 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier?

Cut it off, torch or saw. Have a muffler shop do the job. Save yourself a headache and busted knuckles.

Why would a 1995 Jeep Wrangler overheat?

Some possibilities are an old, worn engine; a worn timing belt; and old coolant/antifreeze (you should drain and flush the coolant after every oil change.). I don't believe they come with a timing belt. (It's a chain) 1) Like stated above old coolant heater core could be clogged (should flush) No coolant (sounds dumb right some times it's the most obvious things) 2) Bad thermostat. To break it down a thermostat is made (basically) of three things the housing a sort of pin and wax. When the engine gets to about 190 depending on the vehicle the wax expands and pushes the pin out cause fluid to be allowed through. If the thermostat does open it causes to overheat (as coolant can't circulate through the system) best way to check is to let the car run until it get warm and squeeze the upper radiator hose is it firm? If yes the thermostat is good. 3) Bad radiator. Inspect your radiator to makes sure there are not cracks/ fins busted out. Check radiator hoses for leaks. 4) Bad water pump. Check the water pump. Since it's not driven by the time belt/chain it should be to hard to get to. Inspect it for leaks cracked gasket and make sure it spins freely. 5) Bad head gasket. Get a compression test at your local shop. (simple enough) does your heater work? When you start it up does the exhaust blow white smoke? These are all signs of a bad head gasket 6) Bad temperature sending unit. It might not really be getting hot. I can't think of a way to check this. Just trail and error. 6) And finally does it overheat only when your stopped? If so check the fans. Do they turn on when the engine gets hot? If not... They should. That's all I can think of. I hope this helps

Whats the problem when youre car starts running hot and there is a bubbling sound under the hood where the water goes in the car?

busted radiator? No water filling the cooling system

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Drain the cooling systemFollow the upper radiator hose to the engine to locate the thermostatCompress the hose clamp with pliers then slide clamp away from thermostat housingRemove the bolts and detach the housing cover.Stuff rag into the engine opening and remove all traces of old gasket.So, I have a question about an 87 Honda Accord. During the winter (Colorado) I started my car and blew a bolt off the thermostat housing that connects it to the engine... I'm not sure what that part is, or how to fix it, but I would really like to fix it. Do you know what that part is called? Or is it just connected and I would need a whole new engine? Again it's the part between the engine and the thermostat housing.... The bolt busted out and broke the loop that it was put into to hold the thermostat to the engine... ANYONE?

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What makes a 2002 Nissan X-Terra over heat?

A bunch of things are worth checking I'll start with the obvious; Coolant Level - a biggie, also the coolant - distilled water ratio Water pump and thermostat - If the inflow coolant line isn't at least warm then it could mean that either the thermostat is stuck (an easy cheap fix) or the pump is busted. Your best bet is to pull out the thermostat and test it in a bowl of hot water. Make sure there isn't anything obstructing the radiator like a plastic bag also. This is fairly generic for all vehicles but I hope it helps! Fisch

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