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try cleaning or replacing the cylanders

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Q: Why would a 1998 Chevy Metro start fine but when stopped after driving keep cutting out and dying and keep starting fine changed the TPS sensor and catalytic converter?
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Can cutting off catalytic converter effect the engines back pressure throwing off the performance?


What is the difference between a Catalytic Converter and a Universal Catalytic Converter?

Direct to fit Catalytic Converters come ready to install with all parts pre-welded. These are better for the DIY professional. Universal converters are cheaper, but require cutting, welding, etc. These installations are best left for the shop professionals.

On the 94 bravada will the catalytic converter clog up will it start running bad and cutting off but still start up again?

Yes it can

What to check on a Chevy caprice when cutting out and loss of power?

You failed to mention the year but I would suspect a plugged fuel filter or a damaged catalytic converter.

What does cutting the catalytic converter off do to your engine?

your engine exhaust willnot be able to filter harmful elements that go into the air and you cant pass an inspection for a new sticker if its removed

Catalytic converter replacement?

A factory catalytic convertor can be mounted to the exhaust manifolds and muffler pipe through hardware fittings. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) catalytic converters will be a direct replacement and not requiring the cutting or welding of the exhaust system. In contrast, aftermarket "universal" catalytic convertors may have to be welded in or mechanically fastened on through screw-tensioned clamps.

How do you get to the connector for an O2 sensor after catalytic converter on a 97 Villager?

Excellent question. I don't have the answer, but perhaps someone else will. Had same difficulty. Wound up cutting the pig tail & splicing!

What would cause a 97 jmc jimmy that start cutting out and dies hard to get started again any ideals?

check you distributor, cap, rotor, plugs, wires, battery, and alternator if its not there its more internal. also make sure your catalytic converter is not clogged.

How much to replace a catalytic converter for a 2004 Mitsubishi eclipse gts?

It depends on which of them. There are at least 3 of them. In any case you will have disassemble the exhaust system. In most cases it will require some bolt cutting, and tool like torch good tool set and a lot of time.

Which form of pure carbon is so hard that it can be changed into a cutting tool?

A diamond is a form of pure carbon that is so hard that it can't be changed into a cutting tool.

What are the disadvantages of the catalytic converters?

Well one example I know of is I have a 1995 cheverolet silverado with a 5.0 v8 and I heard that cutting of the cat helps give me 20-30 more horsepower. Not as much resistance for the exhaust to go through if you take off the cat with all the baffels and other things inside it. If anyone was going to put true dual exhaust system on their vehicle it would make it louder and better. Know that it is illegal to remove a catalytic converter from any vehicle. Also any vehicle with the OBD2 system will not run properly with the converter removed.

How involved is replacing catalytic converter in a Mitsubishi Eclipse?

Either unbolting of the old one(very rusty at times) and simply bolting on the new one, or if you have a factory welded one, cutting the old one out will be necessary, then the new one will be fitted in place, and welded. as simple as it sounds, it really isnt if you dont have the proper equipment.

How much does it cost to replace catalytic converter?

I just replaced one on my 1995 Grand Marquis. You have a couple of options. The factory origina ranged from $179.00 to $900.00. Aftermarked ones ranged from $80.00 to $361.00. I found a garage that put an aftermarket in for me for $117.23. They had to do some cutting and welding to do it. It seems to work fine so far.

Your 1995 Mazda 626 tries to stall while idling or accelerating from being stopped any ideas?

I have a 2000 Mazda 626 with the same problem and the mechanic is dumbfounded. My best guess after ruling out any fuel problems is the catalytic converter. Does the stalling/cutting out get worse if the A/C is on? Does it get better for a while after the car has been sitting cold?

How much should a catalytic converter replacement cost for a 2000 Lexus gs300?

i have a 2001 gs300 and got a estimate of $1,000.00 from a local repair shop--being handy i researched buying one on line for about $300.00 ang replaced it myself--the biggest problem was cutting the flange bolts connecting the conveerter to the extention exhaust pipe

How do you remove a cat converter 98 bravada?

you will need a exhaust pipe cutting tool and a socket set

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Why is your Mazda 323 cutting out and backfiring?

Sounds like the Oxygen sensor my be faulty; if you lack power at normal engine speeds, but the car will idle, or work above 5,000 RPM, it's definitley the Oxygen Sensor. replce with NTK brand. If the car has over 200,00 miles (300,000 km) also replace the catalytic converter (as they eventually plug). Good luck Malcolm

Does cutting off the catalytic converter affect gas mileage?

Yes, normally it makes it worse. On a fuel injected car the computer will try to adjust the fuel and timing to get the after cat O2 sensor to start working, this will cause performance and economy issues plus a check engine light. It is also highly illegal to remove a cat and not replace it.

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