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Why would a 1998 Jeep Wranglers Gauges stop working randomly and the airbag light comes on?

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The problem is with the wiring harness that plugs into the back of the gauge box. You will have to remove the upper dash and a few other places to get to it, but when you do, just make sure that the wires plug correctly into the back and the problem should be fixed. I had the same problem. Mine would actually go nill like you are describing and then when I would hit it just right, all would come back on.

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Will airbag deploy if horn is not working?

Most likely, yes. As long as what caused the horn to break did not affect the airbag system.

How do you reset the airbag light on a 1997 Daewoo Lanos?

Try disconnecting the battery cable, then reconnecting. If the airbag light still comes on, you need to take it to the dealer. Something in the airbag circuit isn't working correctly. To fix might involve removing the airbag. I've had the airbag light come on in my car two times & I've taken it to the dealer each time. I'm leery working around the airbag. You must disconnect the battery for a min of 5 mins

Dodge Caravan 2002 airbag light on cruise and horn not working fuse ok?

You need to have someone with a scan tool check the airbag system for trouble codes. The airbag system is not a place for do it your selfers.

Airbag light on cruise control and horn not working?

Possible clockspring failure.

Your airbag light flashes 4 times a pauses on a lincolntown car what would be the problem?

The flashing means that you have an airbag code. This means that there is a problem with your airbag, and your vehicles computer is trying to tell you to take it to the dealership to be fixed. Go see your nearest dealership soon. Do not worry, the airbag won't just go off randomly if their is a problem, the light is probably indicating that the airbag will not work if you get in an accident. A dealership will be able to interpret this code and tell you what is wrong.

Why does airbag flash then all dash gauges go to zero?

Sounds like a communication issue with the computers on the vehicle. You need to have the systems checked for codes with a scan tool.

What does the SRS light indicate on a 2005 Mitsubishi Endeavor?

Airbag system is not working correctly.

What does an airbag light mean on a suburban 1999?

if the light is on the airbags are off-line (not working)

Why horn and cruise control quit working on 2001 Dodge Intrepid?

Probably a bad clockspring, be carefull that probably meens you're airbag is out of function too, Does the airbag light come on?

Do airbags come standard with the BMW E36?

The BMW E36 cars do come standard with an airbag. This awesome car also has a safety light to let you know that your airbag is on and working properly.

What does inflatable resistance mean on the information panel of a 1990 Cadillac Seville?

inflatable resistance is the systems way of telling you that your airbag is functional this light or message should go out in a few seconds if the airbag system is operational , and working propperly if this does not go out then you need to have the airbag serviced

Where is airbag sensor for 1996 Toyota Tacoma?

Working on the SRS is very hazardous. Leave this repair to a professional.

1998 Dodge Dakota Disconnected steering wheel column shaft from bulkhead firewall and dropped it How do you reset the clock spring for the airbag system?

If everything is plugged in and working the airbag system will reset itself.

94 camero z28 no security light or the engine gauges work also car will not turn over when you turn on key the airbag and brake light is on any suggestions?

this was my question i found the problem a rat had chewed my wires behind the pcm i also found out if your lights or gauges don't work you are not getting power to pcm

How do you remove an airbag from a 1997 ford F-150?

Working on the SRS can be very dangerous. Take it to a professional.

What does check airbag soon mean?

It means before you bought your car it might have been in a car crash and the airbag deflated (?) and you need to replace it before you land into a car crash so you have support and you won't die. Just learned that today because a boy in my class randomly asked our teacher. XD

How do you reset airbag light on 2003 Honda Accord?

The airbag (SRS) light is on because there is a problem with the system. Due to the fact that working on this system can be hazardous I recommend you have it repaired by a professional. He will reset the light once the system is repaired.

Why does the airbag light stay on in your 1999 F150?

Problem with the SRS. Take it to a dealer for repair. the airbags may or may not be working.

What do you do about the airbag light being on in a 1993 geo prism?

You take the vehicle to a professional for repair. Working on the SRS can be very hazardous.

How do you replace the airbag sensor on a 2004 Chevy silverado?

Working on the SRS can be very hazardous. For this reason I suggest you have this repaired by a professional.

How hard is it to disable driver side airbag on a 1995 buick riviera so you can repair the 2 horn switches in the steering wheel?

Anytime that you are working on a vehicle with an airbag it is recommended that you disconnect the battery.... That should disable it enough to work on it

Which fuse is for the clock in 99 Toyota solara?

Check your owners manual or the underside of the fuse panel lid. One fuse will be labeled for gauges and meters (possibly along with the cruise control, airbag and other systems). That's a place to start. BUT, if all of your meters are working and only the clock has gone dark I'd suspect the instrument rather than the fuse. Cheers

Why does airbag light stay on a dodge caravan?

It is on because there is a problem with the SRS. Take it to a professional, as working on the SRS is dangerous and not a DIY job.

How do you install a airbag sensor on a 2005 gmc truck?

Due to the inherent dangers of working on the SRS I would recommend you have this done by a professional.

What does srs mean on a 2002 galant?

I had the same light come on in my 1999 Mits Galant GTZ. It saying your airbags are not working properly. I had to replace a switch located behind my drivers side airbag. I did it myself and it was pretty easy. Dont let the dealership say you HAVE to replace the airbag, because you dont!! Just be careful when handling the airbag.