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When you move, you put more load on the motor. Check the water level in the radiator. Check the fan to see if it comes on. look for water leaks and signs of water leaks(rusty lines)

AnswerThere is a bulletin on 1998 Neon-concerning this ongoing problem. The best solution is to replace the thermostat,seal and a new radiator cap. I did this two years ago and the vehicle never overheated. Also, make sure the radiator fan is working! Answer

Assuming by Hot you mean Overheating, The Fan System can be ruled out (Fan cools when there's no motion). Thermostat is not the problem. Check coolant for debris - Stop Leak or similar have been thorns in my side because they tend to block off a coolant passage in the block. In these cases, the car would idle and never overheat, but would start overheating as soon as the vehicle was driven. It's possible the coolant is low, but doubtful - Keep in mind, the only -real- difference between cooling system heat at idle and while driving is the Automatic Transmission (If equipt) fluid (Which gets hot very quickly) is being cooled in the bottom of the radiator.

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Q: Why would a 1998 Plymouth Neon get hot as soon as you start down the road but not when sitting still?
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