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Hello, This may or may not help you. I just got my 1998 Sienna back from the dealer. I had a problem with the car idling and then just dying. Not all the time, very intermittent. The solution, which seems to have worked so far, is a 'idle air control valve'. The dealer stated it was very common for this part to get full of carbon and 'stick'. I asked for the part back and it was solid black on the inside. The bad news is that this part, although small, is approx. $225 and about $175 labor (approx. 2 hours).

When mine sticks I take the air intake tube off and spray carburetor cleaner in. It stops the problem for 6 mo or so. Make sure the cleaner is compatible with Oxygen sensors.

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2002 Diamante Engine cranks slowly then starts Sometimes won't crank and radio loses presets Jump start engine cranks normally and starts every time?

You need a battery. There's a very small chance it could be something else, but from the symptoms you describe it is more than likely a bad battery.

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Why does your prelude vtec sometimes takes to long than normal before the engine starts?

Usually, the VTEC cams won't run normally until the car has been properly warmed up, especially on cold days.

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How often should you change the timing chain on a 2002 Chevy Tracker 2.0?

A timing chain is something that will normally last until the engine needs an overhaul. It is starts making a noise, or you cannot keep the engine timed, it may need replacing. Otherwise it is not an item you replace at a set interval.A timing chain is something that will normally last until the engine needs an overhaul. It is starts making a noise, or you cannot keep the engine timed, it may need replacing. Otherwise it is not an item you replace at a set interval.

When does who series 5 start?

I think it starts late march. that's when it normally starts! :)

Why will a small engine start but will not run?

Most of the time when a small engine cranks over, starts and then dies shortly afterward the problem is in the fuel system. Normally it is caused by bad gas that has gummed up the fuel system. (normally in the carburetor) If this is the problem you will probably need to take the carburetor off and clean it out.

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What causes the engine on a 1994 dodge Ram 1500 4x2 with the 318 motor to just die when the transmission is put into gear it starts and idles just fine .?

The problem MAY (educated guess) be a problem with the torque converter lockup clutch solenoid not releasing correctly. This would allow the engine to run normally in park and neutral, but the drive train would be locked into direct drive when you shift into gear, not slipping as it should, causing the engine to die instantly. Sometimes this can be diagnosed by unplugging the solenoid, in which case the transmission would work normally except the clutch would not "lock up" as it normally does at higher speeds for greater efficiency.

1997 Pontiac Sunfire Starts Intermittenly After Changing Ignition Lock.?

Does the engine turn over every time you try, or does it sometimes do nothing when you turn the key?

96 ford ranger sometimes starts for a few seconds but won't start after?

Diagnosis: Engine Won't Start or RunCheck related link below

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Why do Toyota dash lights stay on after engine starts?

A bad relay switch could be the culprit if dash lights remain on after engine starts in a Toyota. Cold weather can also cause these lights to stay on after the engine starts.

What is the safest single engine airplane?

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When is winter semester?

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When should you change the timing chain on your 1993 sl2?

There is no scheduled maintenance on replacing the chain. It will normally last until the engine needs an overhaul. However if it starts making noise, and you cannot keep the engine timed, the chain may need replacing.

How does the engine of the bugatti veyron work?

that the engine has nitro power which goes to the engine. when the engine receives the signal the engine starts to work

Does the firing order of a 1984 Dodge ES Sedan start from the front of the motor or the rear of the motor?

Firing order starts with the #1 cylinder which is normally the first cylinder closest to the front of the engine.

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Sometimes car starts but not all the time I changed the starter Fuel pump is good Battery is charged Why sometimes it starts and other times it doesn't?

sounds like the fuel pressure regulator, which is made into the fuel pump in the tank of most new cars and truck, or you could have dirt in the fuel line, first change the fuel filter, and see if this helps. Need to know if the starter works and cranks the engine but the engine doesn't start at times or if the starter doesn't crank the engine at times. It is not clear.

Why do you plug in diesel engine?

The "plug" powers an coolant heater. A diesel engine starts easier if the engine is warm.

How does an engine starter works?

The solenoid activates the contact when the ignition key is on which inturn turn the engine then starts the engine.

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Oil pressure shouldn't register at all until the engine starts and builds up pressure.

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