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Out of curiosity, try this: Leave the engine off overnight, then before you start it just turn the keyswitch to "on" for about 5 seconds, THEN crank it to start it. I know it takes just as much time, but we're testing something here. If it starts right up, try the same thing over the next few nights. If the engine starts right up after you follow the above procedure, you're leaking fuel pressure either through the pressure regulator or backward through the fuel pump check valve. Don't get alarmed, it's not leaking OUT of the vehicle, just back to the tank through the fuel return line or backward through the fuel pump. If it's annoying enough to have it repaired, try a different fuel pump first. Otherwise, recognize it for a "quirk" in the vehicle, and just enjoy your ride. It won't really cause any problems until/unless the fuel pump gives out completely. But a slowly leaking check valve does not harm anything.

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