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Why would a 1999 Daewoo Leganza ac blow hot air - I already added freon?

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first you have to start the car then turn the ac all the way up then place the refrigerant on the connector an squeeze until the needle goes into the green zone if it goes into the yellow that's a if you know all of this you have a leak and hopefully that's all because if its your compressor you have a very exspensive can go to auto zone and get the dye test with the uv light and find the leak your self.but you will still have to have a mechanic fix it but at least you wil save your self some money because they charge alot to tell you you have a leak then they charge you to fix it

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How much freon goes in a Daewoo leganza?

The air conditioning system holds approximately 5 pounds of Freon. The manufacturer recommends that you never overfill the air conditioning system.

Air conditioner blowing hot air have already added freon what could be the problem?

bad condenser

Why would the air conditioner in a 2001 Daewoo Leganza stop working?

you are low in r 134a freon ,connect hose from can of 134a with sealant to stop minor leak ,2 cans would be fine compressor will start blowing cold air ,andit will seal minor leaks.

How do you add freon to a 1997 Mercury Villager?

Freon is added to the lower pressure line port. It is the only port a refill kit will fit. I suggest taking it to a shop that does A/C repair if you do not know that already.

How often should you replace freon in a Honda accord?

Freon does not generally need to be replaced. However over time, systems sometimes have a small leak and need to have coolant added. A Freon gauge can confirm if you need to have Freon added.

Adding freon in a 2000 Daewoo nubira?

Connect a freon gauge and can to the low side AC port. Start the car and turn the AC on high. Open the freon valve and fill the system to full on the gauge reading.

Can an 18000 BTU air conditioner have Freon added?

Yes, call a certified technician to do the replacement of the freon.

How do you evacuate and charge auto ac?

A machine that reclaims Freon is needed to remove the old Freon. The system will then need to have a vacuum pulled, and then the new Freon can be added.

What Freon do you use for a 2002 ranger?

The 2002 ford Ranger uses type R134 Freon. The Freon is added in the low pressure port of the ac system.

2001 Mazda MPV how to recharge air conditioning?

For adding additional Freon, you will need the proper Freon type of Freon and connectors for your vehicle. The Freon is added through the low pressure port of your ac system. If your system needs a complete recharge then the air needs to be removed first (known as pulling a vacuum) before Freon is added.

Retrofitting a 1993 Ford Escort Wagon AC?

The newer Freon (r134) does not mix with the old Freon. The system needs to be flushed, special oil added so that r134 will be compatible with the system gaskets, then a vacuum pulled. Then the Freon can be added.

Ford explorer how do you bleed the cooling system i have fitted a new stat now have air lock any help much appreciated?

Whenever the freon filled system is opened air gets in and to remove it you attach a vacuum pump and empty the entire system before adding replacement freon. HOWEVER, if you have already added freon and do not have access to a vacuum pump, just bleed out the air and freon at any convenient point, the freon will push out the air leaving only freon vapor, then recharge with new freon and you will be air lock less!

How do you add freon on a 1990 240sx?

Freon is added to a 1990 240sx by connecting a Freon source to the low pressure side of the system and allowing it to pull in Freon. This is done with the vehicle running and the air conditioner blowing.

What freon does 2002 Saturn L200 use?

The type of freon for the 2002 Saturn l200 is R134a. The freon should only be added when the a/c system is not working properly because the system is sealed where freon should not be needed.

How do you add freon to an Oldsmobile?

Freon is added into the low side ac port. Using the proper type Freon, and a gauge that works with that type Freon, connect the hose to the port. With the engine running allow the Freon to flow until the gauge reads in the ok range.

How much freon do you put in your Kia Optima?

The exact amount of Freon that needs to be added to a Kia Optima is unknown. This is because if Freon is needed there may be a leak and the car will need to be taken to a mechanic.

How much does freon for a central air conditioner cost?

I just had 2 pounds of Freon added to my central A/C and was charged $30 a pound.

Where do you put the freon in a 99 Lincoln continnetal?

Freon is added to the low side of the a/c system, that is the big line and the capis normally blue in color.

Where is freon added on a Lincoln ls show you pictures?

Down on AC compressor

How do i add freon to a 1999 cutlass?

Freon is added through the low side ac pressure port. Connect the hose from the gauge and Freon and allow Freon to fill the system until the gauge shows full. The engine and ac need to be running during this process. Make sure to follow all directions on the Freon can.

Where does freon go in a 99 Chevy Monte Carlo?

Freon is added in the low pressure port of the ac system. It is under the hood close to the ac drier.

Where do I add freon into a 1996 Infiniti i30?

Freon is added through the ac low pressure port. The port is located on the aluminum pipe on the ac line.

Can maxifrig 22a be mixed with r-22 freon?

If introduced as liquid--invert container--yes it can be added to an existing charge of r-22 freon.

Where does the freon get added in a 1999 300m Chrysler?

It gets added through the low pressure service port. It is the smaller of the two ports.

Where do you add freon in a 1997 dodge ram 1500 5.2L?

System does not contain Freon. R134a refrigerant is added through the low side service port on the accumulator.