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Why would a 1999 Intrepid not start after it has been running but let an hour pass and it will start right up It is not running hot It will turn over but it will not start?


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Possibly the fuel pump.On my 99 it ran great then it would just quit. Wait and hour and it would start, run then quit. There is no code to check this and it is not a cheap fix.

2. Had same problem intermittently with '98 2.7 litre about 3 years ago. You shut engine off when warm - would not start until cooled down (one hour or more). Dealer could not find trouble code as car did not do this when i took in in for repair. I had fuel pump replaced anyway as was noisy at the time but this problem did not go away.

Obviously now had fuel but no spark so started working back from coil packs. I replaced ASD relay in engine compartment fuse block (about 12 bucks) - no problem ever since.