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Why would a 2000 Toyota 4Runner sputter when stopped or in park?

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Answered 2006-08-01 15:10:24

Could be the ignition is too far advanced - Mixture is too weak or simply a small hose has become dislodged from carb

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What would cause a 2000 Toyota 4runner to 'skip' and or 'sputter' during idleing?

check for tune-up. chack mass air flow meter.

What would make your 1993 Toyota T100 spit and sputter when you accelerates?

Timing belt

Where is the ventilation system drain hose on a 1999 Toyota 4Runner?

I would guess on the passenger side near the firewall. This is the location of my 2000 4runner.

Will a Toyota 4Runner transmission fit a Toyota 1jz engine?

i think so, but i am not sure. i would also like to know for sure.

How much would a Toyota 4Runner transmission cost to replace?

A Toyota 4runner transmission would cost anywhere between $1000-2000 to replace depending on the actual mechanic you get to do the work, the amount of time it takes the mechanic, and whether or not there are any other issues.

What would it cost to replace or repair a cracked exhaust manifold in a 1995 Toyota tacoma?

what is the cost of repair of Toyota 4runner exhaust manifold

What would cause a clunking noise in the front end of a Toyota 4Runner?

Possibly the sway bar bushings?

2002 Toyota 4runner side marker light replacement?

There's a Phillips screw at the top of the marker light. You would need to unscrew that and then you will be able to remove the side marker light from your Toyota 4Runner. We have also included a link to a video in the related links section below.

Will your 1987 Toyota Pick up rims fit on your 2001 Toyota 4Runner?

yes, but why?, the old rims must be heavier and uglier, i would put the newer rims on the older truck.

On a 2005 Toyota 4Runner why would the right turn signal and brake light not work but the tail light works?

Have you checked the fuses or bulbs?

Where are the emergency shutoff switchs located on a 1999 Toyota 4runner?

never heard of a car or truck having them . but would say if you remove the fuse for the ingtion that would help

Why would a car sputter when you stop at a light but idle fine in park?

Vacuum leak; there is a slight load on the engine when stopped at a light because you are in gear, there is none when in park.

What would cause a 1998 Toyota Tacoma to run sluggish?

Stopped up fuel filter.

How would you know if you have a leaky water pump on a 1997 Toyota 4Runner?

You will know if you have a leaky water pump because it will be leaking coolant out of the water pump.

What color would this be ( CK82TRLE45) for the Toyota 4 Runner 1999?

They have 2 white colors for the 1999 4Runner and this code does not tell which one it is?

What is the Toyota 4Runner fuel tank size?

Not a simple answer as you would think. Depends on the year model. Although standard is 14.8 gal they also had a large size of 17.2 gal. Now if your model is an early rear , say, 1981 then the size was 13.7gal. The 2001 Toyota 4Runner has a fuel tank size of 18.5 gallons.

How do you fix brake lights on a 92 Toyota 4runner that don't work when headlight are on but are on when the headlights are off?

that sounds like i ground in the bake by the lights or if it has a trailer plug i would start their

What is the largest tire size available on a stock 1986 Toyota 4runner?

Some special editions of the 1st generation Toyota 4Runner came stock with 31x10.5-15 sized tires. If you contact the parts department at your local Toyota Dealership you can get the speedometer gear for this tire size, as long as you keep the stock gear. I have heard of people cramming 33 inch diameter tires with no modifications to the vehicle however I would not recommend this due to rubbing issues.

Where might one be able to purchase a Toyota Tercel?

Toyota stopped manufacturing the Toyota Tercel in the year 2000. For this reason the best places to look for a Toyota Tercel would be either at used car dealerships or online at sites such as eBay or Auto Trader.

Would bad heater core cause car to sputter?


What would cause a 2001 Toyota Corolla to stall out when you first accelerate and after choke and sputter for a few minutes?

it may be the maf sensor i got a corolla 2001 too do you have any codes ?this is a old question thought.

How do you change a headlight in a 2000 4Runner?

To change the headlight on your 2000 Toyota 4Runner you would need to remove the grille, and then the side marker lights. Then there are 4 10MM bolts that need to be removed in order to take the headlight out. We have also included a how to video in the related links section below, so that you can see how this is done.

What would cause a 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer es to hesitate-sputter?

It could be numerous things. From a bad fuel pump, for bad spark plugs.

Why would a car sputter when idling?

because itt needs to be work on

Why would a car backfire 1 time then sputter?

A sparkplug misfiring.