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On mine it was the fuel pressure regulator. I have a 4 cyl engine with 185 K miles on it. Over the life of the car, I have replaced the regulator several times. I tried an aftermarket regulator, that lasted only a few thousand miles. The factory equipment unit is more but worked about 5 times longer.To check it, I would have the car running, cold, and pull the vacume line to the regulator. All but one time, gasoline would squirt out of the port where the vac hose hooks up, to the regulator, so BE CAREFUL, RAW GASOLINE. One time I didn't have gas, but it still was the problem. Apparently, the fuel rail gets hot enough to trash the diaphragm inside the regulator. .

Change your tranny fluid! you could be slipping to!

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Q: Why would a 2001 Chevrolet Malibu have an engine surge at about 50mph causing the rpms to jump?
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