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sounds like a C.V. joint is bad these are the axels to the front wheels. It sounds like the rear wheel bearings are going bad. There were recalls for 2001 Focus in states that use salt on their roads. Unfortunately the recall ended 12/31/03. I suggest you report it to the NHTSA. The number is 800-424-9393. They have already replaced them on hundreds of thousands of 2001 Focus'. When you get it repaired save your receipt, Ford will reimburse you if they reinstate the recall.

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What is the motion of Ferris wheel?

Motion of ferris wheel is translatory motion.

Grinding or rubbing sound in the front end of a 2002 Ford Focus?

A wheel bearing could be going bad in a 2002 Ford Focus if a grinding or rubbing sound is heard. A trip to a mechanic is advised as a bad wheel bearing that's not fixed can lead to damaged brakes.

How do riders in a Ferris wheel posses translator y motion but not rotatory motin?

The motion of the wheel is rotatory motion but the motion of the riders is circular motion which is a translatory motion.

Is the Ford Focus rear wheel drive?

No, all Focus models are front wheel drive.

What type of motion is a ferris wheel?

motion of ferris wheel is circular , rotatory or translatory

Which tires should have chains on them when it snows?

The tires that actually drive. For example if your car is a front wheel drive, then the front wheels should be chained. If it is a real wheel drive vehicle, then the rear wheels should be chained. If it is an all-wheel drive then you could chain all four wheels.

Is a Ford Focus rear wheel drive?

nope the ford focus is a front wheel drive car

Is a 2000 Ford Focus a front wheel drive or a rear wheel drive?

The 2000 Ford Focus is a front wheel drive vehicle

How do you install front wheel bearings on a 2001 Ford Focus?

How do you replace front wheel bearing on a ford focus

Does the 2002 Ford Focus have front wheel drive?

Yes , a 2002 Ford Focus is front wheel drive

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