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You probably have a bad muliplex unit Take to a Honda dealer for service. I think there is a service bulletin to cover this issue

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Q: Why would a 2001 Honda Accord start when you push the unlock button on the drivers door if it doesn't even have a remote starter?
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Your 1993 handa accord motor doesnt have spark?

my 1993 accord doesnt have spark

Does a 1993 Honda Accord have reverse threads?

no it doesnt

Where is the orifice tube in a 96 Honda accord?

it doesnt have one

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1992 Honda accord that wont turn over you think it might be the timing belt where is that located?

if it doesnt turn over at all the starter is bad if it turns over but doesnt fire it could be ignition or belt related check wit a qualified mechanic shop

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usually you can tell when your car doesnt turn or or doesnt turn over its because of your starter sometimes its not the starter it could be a low battery or corroded wires leading to the starter check that first;

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Does it it start sometime and not others? Does it click when you turn the ignition to start but doesnt start? Then its probably bad. Make sure your battery is fully charged first.

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Try the fuse.

Why does the red LED besides the cruise control button keep blinking I have a 1999 Honda Accord LX. There is a red LED in place of the moonroof button as my car doesnt have moonroof.?

i too have same problem. i noticed that when i turn on head lamp then only red LED keeps blinking.

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