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check your coolant levels.

The Owners Manual offers illustrated directions for doing this.

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I had this same problem and could not find anyone with the same problem. Because your getting some heat the coolant is circulating. My problem was that when I had replaced the thermostat I accidentally put one in that opened at 160 degrees because it was the cheapest at Autozone. My gauge read Cold and there was no heat. If I gunned it in neutral,in the driveway, the heat worked great and my gauge went up. I took the car in and they put in the 195 degrees one and it worked great since.

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Why when idling does your Ford Contour 1997 heater not blow heat but when moving it does?

I own a 1997 Ford Contour and there was a recall a few years ago on the heater blower and resistor. Check out the recalls on the car.

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When 1998 Mitsubishi montero is left idling there is no heat output but when in drive and moving heat flows. Is this normal for this vehicle?

No, I would suspect a stuck open thermostat, a failing (worn) water pump or clogged heater core. Also chedk for a sticking heater control valve in the coolant circuit if fitted. It could also be a internally swelled heater hose from the block to the heater core blocking proper coolant flow..

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Why would a 2001 Chrysler t and c van heater blow out warm air only when moving but idling blows out cold?

Sounds like a bad water pump, or belt is slipping for water pump. Low coolant, stuck thermostat, etc.

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