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usually this is the fuel pump in the tank going bad. I have had this problem many times for customers.

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Q: Why would a 2002 Malibu just sputter and stop after running for about 40 minutes set for about 10 minutes then start right up again?
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Wait 20 minutes and try again

Why would a car sputter and stall and then not start again?

FUEL PUMP IS YOUR PROBLEM {why do you think its the fuel pump?}

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What would cause a 2002 Malibu to run for about 45 minutes then just stop and start again after setting for about 5 minutes?

I have a 98 Malibu with a similar problem (hot engine stall). Let sit for 5 minutes and runs fine. Other posts have directed me to the TCC Solenoid and the Crankshaft Position Sensor. I will be unhooking the TCC Solenoid to see if this clears the problem. If so, then it will be replaced.

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