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Why would a 26 year old man prank call me. He called me did not say a word till I hung up. Why won't he talk?


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May 31, 2007 3:01PM

An adult man making prank phone calls is creepy, and possibly more than that. Do not speak to him on the phone or tell him that you know who he is--he's looking for any attention, positive and negative, that he can get from you. For your safety, do not have any communication with him outside of the calls. Also: ---notify the police about the phone calls, and keep date/time records of the calls and if this man's number comes up on Caller ID (if you have it) ----contact your phone company about having a call trap or call tracer put on your line. ---get a new unlisted and unpublished phone number and only give it to trusted family members. Make sure you notify them not to give out your new number.