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Why would a 7.3L powerstroke not start parked uphill but starts fine pointed downhill?

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very very low on fuel or faulty fuel pump

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How often and how long of time does a 2000 F350 7.3 powerstroke need to be plugged in?

depends on how cold it is, but the simple answer is, if it's cold enough that it needs to be plugged in, leave it plugged in till it starts, it won't hurt anything except your power bill.

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1996 Buick Park Ave has intermittant starting problem Starts fine when cold Runs fine Occasionally won't start after being parked Starts again after attempting to start appox half hour later?

Does starter drag? - could be defective Does it turn over normally?- Could be injectors are flooding

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Removethe cap from the fuel filter housing and fill with clean diesel. Then crank engine until it starts. You can also aid by pressurizing the fuel tank with compressed air but you have to watch not to over pressurize the tank or it will spill out of the filler neck. Its hard to believe that international does not use a priming pump to aid in start up after maintenance when their competitors Isuzu and cummins do. However the powerstroke does use a lift pump but usually takes a while to prime. This way is quicker.

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My 95 town car sometimes won't start after parked for 10 minutes the store have to wait 10 mins or more before it starts and runs great sometimes for weeks on end Today I was stranded for 1.5 hrs?

Maybe try changing your coil.