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Why would a 700r4 go easily from 1 to 2 and no further?


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2005-06-19 01:31:51
2005-06-19 01:31:51

It could be several things. Take it to a trans shop for a correct diagnoises. It could be your governor. Located under the dust cover on the rear part of trans case. Pop the cap and pull out and inspect. The gears seem to break a lot. Also ck how clean it is. Go online forums for more details. Might be the 3-4 clutch pack, common to go out on this tranny. Is the fluid brown? Does it smell burnt? If so, a total rebuild is recommended by everyone for good reason. But, If you can't or won't pay around $1k for a rebuild and really want to keep the vehicle, buy the clutch pack over the Internet for $20-$30 and put it in yourself. Filter and pan gasket cost $15, 2 gal. fluid $10. If you're lucky or have an "I can do all things.." mindset, you'll be up and running for less than $75. Been there. Look here for help:


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