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Hey Cort==The a/c compressor draws about 10 horsepower. At idle your engine is developing about 30 hp so you are taking about 1/3 of it for the compressor. You may have switch problems on the compressor causing it not to work in some positions. GoodluckJoe

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What are the sounds heard while taking a blood pressure?

The sounds heard while measuring blood pressure in this way are called the Korotkoff sounds, and undergo 5 phases: # initial 'tapping' sound (cuff pressure = systolic pressure) # sounds increase in intensity # sounds at maximum intensity # sounds become muffled # sounds disappear

Why is your Oil pressure gauge fluctuating up and down indicator reading oil pressure low stop engine light on?

Do not run the engine until you have checked oil level, sounds like you are very low on oil.

Changing oil pressure switch on 1996 Audi A4?

Audi A4 1999 1.9TDi Oil pressure light on continously. Engine sounds fine. How do I remove electrical connector to remove switch and check pressure with a gauge?

1990 Chevy Celebrity wagon will not start until third try?

It sounds like the fuel pressure is bleeding off thus not enough pressure to open the injectors. After a couple of tries the fuel pump rebuilds the pressure and the engine will then run.

Ford Taurus Oil light on pinging noise.?

This sounds like there is low or no oil pressure.Best to have oil pressure tested with a mechanical gauge.Running a engine with low or no oil pressure will cause major damage to it.

Where can engine sounds be found online?

Engine sounds can be found on many websites on the internet. A few of the websites that have engine sounds include YouTube, Dailymotion or any other website where people can upload videos and audio.

My 1990 Mitsubishi montero runs for a few seconds and then dies..what do i do?

Check the fuel filter and the fuel pump pressure. The problem sounds like the fuel pressure is too low to keep the engine running.

Why when truck warms up oil pressure goes down and to zero at idle but good pressure when cold?

If you have the correct weight oil in the engine, it sounds like the engine may be worn. If you haven't checked the oil pressure with a manual gauge (vs the dash gauge) that is a good place to start to verify that it is not a gauge/sensor problem.

Thumping sounds heard when measuring blood pressure?

Strange. Normaly when you hear thumping sounds its your heart beat and that can be due to high blood pressure.

Your cigarette lighter will not pop up in your Mercedes C240?

Sounds like your cigar lighter fuse is blown, located in the front fuse box under the engine hood, should be a 10 or 15 amp fuse

What are the properties of music?

- frequency of sounds - intensity of sounds - amplitude - sound pressure - wave number

If an engine has a compression ratio of 7.1?

Depends on the make of engine, but that sounds about normal .

What is a metallic knocking noise on a 1996 Toyota Camry while the engine is cold?


My 350 engine has multiple symptoms A good size oil leak from near the balancer at the front of the engine and low oil pressure 10-20 psi at 3000 rpm and wont idle Symptoms appeared suddenly?

sounds like shes ready for a good freshin up low oil pressure sounds like worn oil pump and excessive bottom end bearing clearence,recommendations rebiuld it.

What causes water pressure surging in house after pressure regulator?

Sounds like a bad/failed water pressure regulator.

What is the physics behind the sphygmomanometer?

The sphygmomanometer ,commonly called a blood pressure cuff ,is an instrument used to obtain blood pressure readings by the ausculatory method. It consists of an inflatable cuff with an attached pressure gauge .The cuff is placed around the arm and inflated to a pressure higher than systolic pressure(which occurs during pumping of the blood from the heart) to occlude circulation to the forearm .As cuff pressure is gradually released .The examiner listens with a stethoscope for characteristic sounds called the sounds of Korotkoff ,which indicate the resumption of blood flow into the forearm .The pressure at which the first soft tapping sounds can be detected is recorded as the systolic pressure .As the pressure is reduced further blood flow becomes more turbulent , and the sounds become louder .As the pressure is reduced still further , below the diastolic pressure, the artery is no longer compressed ; and blood flows freely and without turbulence.At this point ,the sounds of Korotkoff can no longer be detected .The pressure at which the sounds disappear is recorded as the diastolic pressure. done by dr.SmSm (dental student)

Why does it sound like leaking air when you apply your brakes and the more pressure applied causes the car to stall?

This sounds like vacuum leak in the braking system. Check for disconnected or cracked hose from the engine to the brake booster in the engine compartment.

Daewoo nubira shuddering when idle and smoke coming from exhaust?

sounds like you have head gasket problem if the exhaust smoke is white in colour then its engine coolant if its blue smoke then its burning oil you will need to get the engine pressure tested at a garage.

Key is stuck in the ignition of 97 VW Cabrio and you cannot turn it to start or turn to remove?

it sounds like you need a master cylinder from the dealer make sure your wheel-lock isn't putting pressure on the ignition

How do you reset the tire pressure monitoring system on a buick rendezvous?

# Set all tire pressures to the recommended kPa/psi. # Turn ON the ignition, with the engine OFF. # Press the MODE button until LOW TIRE PRESSURE HOLD SET TO RESET is displayed. # Press and hold the SET button until a chime sounds and TIRE PRESSURE RESET is displayed and a chime sounds 3 times. # release the SET button and TIRE PRESSURE NORMAL is displayed.

What could be the cause of High suction pressure and low discharge pressure?

Sounds like a blockage in the system on the high pressure side.

What is a form of electrical pressure?

That sounds like the description of voltage. It isn't really a pressure, but you can compare voltage to pressure (in the water analogy).

2001 mercury villager van yesterday the engine started t make knocking sounds and the engine light flickers on off What should i check first?

Motor oil level, and Motor oil Pressure**************************************If that looks OK, try www.vehix.com

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