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check battery terminals for corrision my bronco II was famous for this. the battery was charged but wouldn't start. clean inside the cable connection and battery post with sandpaper. also check the clutch pedal switch has broke or come loose (if you don't push in the clutch the car won't start) I had this happen on a mustang the switch had cracked and this was after I replaced everything else in the car

AnswerSounds like a coil or ignition model. Answerwe are finding in the Ford Rangers when they run greate and just stop that nine out of ten times the fuel filter has never been changed changed filter they are $8.00 please e-mail me let me Know results. AnswerCheck the fuse box, number 18 is for the fuel pump... AnswerMy 88ranger would do that about once a month. I had a bad inerta switch, the switch that shuts fuel off if you get in a wreck. Its right under neath the carpet on the passenger side push the button on top and it sould reset. AnswerHad this problem only once. I had to replace the fuel pump relay on the right fender liner behind the air filter box. I do believe it was the grey one. I had already changed out the distributor module. Neither part, was high dollar. The distributor module can be decieving and cause the motor in excellent condition to not srart.

There's a little wire underneath the dash on the passeneger side that is exposed. If someone with long legs sits in the passenger seat, they can knock it loose which can cause the truck to quit and not start again. If that's your problem, just plug it back in, and everything should be fine.

AnswerHad the same sort of problem on my 91 ranger. Runs great for several weeks then one day doesnt start. No click, no turn, nothing. After finally getting it to start (still don't know what i did) it runs great for several more weeks , then doesnt start again....had this problem for several months. Finally dished out the cash and had battery, baterry cables, starter, and start rely changed. Ran great for several weeks , then guess what...YEP, wouldn't start!! Just put in a new switch (on the clutch pedal) and so far so good... AnswerI had the same problem with my 88 Ranger. The problem was the wiring harness on the fuel pump shut off which was located under the carpet on the passengers side where their feet would be. Wiggle the wire and it would go. I had this happen a few times to while driving down the highway. Not fun!!! Answercheck the time chain or belt (may have jumped a tooth or broken)
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Q: Why would a 88 Ford Ranger that was in excellent condition it just quit and not start it?
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