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If the pump is full, then it is either the belt is not tight enough or the pump itself has bad bearings in it. Russell

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โˆ™ 2005-08-12 20:24:04
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Q: Why would a 92 Caprice Classic power steering unit squeal all the time even though it is full of fluid?
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Is there a Caprice Classic that would be compatible with a 1985 Buick LeSabre?

No, these are likely completely different platforms, though I can't recall when the LeSabre went front wheel drive. If the engine is transverse, there are no compatibilities with a Caprice.

Does the caprice classic model 89 come with 6 cylinders?

Although I am not positive, I am fairly sure this car was available with a V-6. Don't bet money on it though. vbd I'm pretty sure GM discontinued the V6 engine in the Caprice after 1986. Thereafter, the options were a V8 305 and a V8 350.

Does the 1991 caprice classic have a fuel pump safety switch and where would it be located?

every car from early 80s on up has one , best to call the auto store and ask where it is,the are often by the fuel tank, some are under the driver side fule line but im not sure on a caprice , they will know at the autostore though Gm does not use inertia switches.

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Is a 1968 caprice worth more then the 68 impalathe caprice I'm looking at has the 396 big block. also how rare is it with a big block all I see is the 327 or 307 ones not the396 or 427?

A caprice of same body style is always worth more than an Impala, provided it has the same features. IMPALA SS and SS 427 are worth more than Caprice though.

Sounds like squeal when driving only from engine?

Sounds like alternator is going bad even though it still may still hold a charge

Do you have to pull the tank to replace the fuel pump on a 1995 caprice classic or is there an access plate in the trunk or under the back seat?

The car is fuel injected and the pump is in top part of the tank. The tank has to be removed, not difficult though. Just jack up the rear and make sure the front isn't going to roll away on you.

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The signs of a Bad steering gearbox?

Clunking/knocking sound felt though steering wheel and floor when turning and going over bumps at low speeds.

When is time to replace a power steering pump?

excessive noise even though belt tension is good, or when power steering fluid is leaking out the shaft seal.

Is it save to drive with a bad steering pump?

yes. cars used to not have power steering. youll want to get it fixed after you get a good workout from making turns though.

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If the power steering fluid is leaking is the car still driveable even though it is hard to steer?

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In a crash safety belts keep?

They keep you in your seat, and not thrown from the car, though the windshield, into the steering wheel, etc.

What are the sizes of all four stock speakers in a 1988 Caprice?

The front in-dashboard speakers are 4"X6" and the rear are 6"X9". Make sure they are the right shape though. The speaker size is very unique. I recommend replacing them with AC Delco speakers (mine are VERY good from my 89 Caprice).