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Why would a 92 Caprice Classic power steering unit squeal all the time even though it is full of fluid?


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2005-08-12 20:24:04
2005-08-12 20:24:04

If the pump is full, then it is either the belt is not tight enough or the pump itself has bad bearings in it. Russell


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No, these are likely completely different platforms, though I can't recall when the LeSabre went front wheel drive. If the engine is transverse, there are no compatibilities with a Caprice.

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Although I am not positive, I am fairly sure this car was available with a V-6. Don't bet money on it though. vbd I'm pretty sure GM discontinued the V6 engine in the Caprice after 1986. Thereafter, the options were a V8 305 and a V8 350.

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every car from early 80s on up has one , best to call the auto store and ask where it is,the are often by the fuel tank, some are under the driver side fule line but im not sure on a caprice , they will know at the autostore though Gm does not use inertia switches.

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You cant make alchemy classic, its a game! Though you can download it and play it!

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Polaris rangers do not have any steering fluid. You could grease the steering shaft while you're in there though.

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