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Why would a 92 Eagle Summit stall while idling then not start?


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2012-11-26 19:31:42
2012-11-26 19:31:42

key words "today my girlfriend was running some errands. while idling in a parking lot, our car stalled. When she tried to start the car, it would turn-over just fine but wouldn't fire off. then she noticed smoke coming from under the so yeah, now it turns over but won't start. this should mean the computer or mpi relay is shorted out! hope this help. signed the mad scientist

AnswerCheck the ECI fuse in the fuse box under the hood.

I figured it out after about 2 weeks. I tried everything, distributor coil, vacuum leaks, the problem ended up being the ignition switch! Random eh? The ignition switch is grounded with the fuel pump. Bad switch, no fuel, no start. I figure I post this to help anyone else out there before you spend about 1200.00 dollars on average to replace the distributor and random shop fees trying to figure it out. I replaced it and hasn't stalled since.


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i put a water pump in my 95 eagle summit now it wont start. i need help figuring out what could be wrong?

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O2 sensor, if you have replaced it already, pull it out and make sure it hasn't burned it again. Jeeps can be notorious with these O2 sensors.

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More info will be needed to properly answer your question. There could be a multitude of reasons. Does your vehicle start at all? Does it stall while driving or idling?

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there are tests that can be done to some of the components in the distributor, the first question that would have to be anwsered is what engine that you have in this car?

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30 seconds of idling equals one average start, on a normally-functioning start.

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