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sounds like a lack of fuel. 1st I would replace the fuel filter. If this does not help, have the fuel pump checked.

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โˆ™ 2004-06-28 08:48:37
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Q: Why would a 92 Paseo take a while to accelerate and sputter and want to shut off when you try to accelerate from a complete stop?
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Why does my 1989 Honda Accord buck and sputter while driving?

Check the 1989 Honda Accords timing. If the engine has jumped time then the engine will buck and sputter.

Is it possible to accelerate while traveling at a constant velocity?

If you accelerate, your velocity isn't constant.

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What makes a Dodge Caravan sputter and cut out after driving a while?

Could be a plugged fuel filter.

What makes a ford focus sputter while driving in high heat conditions?

youre driving a ford!

What is wrong when your Chevy Tahoe starts to sputter and lose power after running for a while?

You Probley have a blowed head gasket.

What would cause your escalade to lose power while you are trying to accelerate?


Oil sputter while engine is running and oil cap open?

Oil sputter is going to be a normal thing if the oil cap is not on while the engine is running. The engine should never be run with the oil cap open. The engine actually has less compression when the oil cap is open, and this could hurt the engine.

What do you do while passing on a two lane road?

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Would a 0.005 gap difference cause a misfire or sputter?

005 gap is pretty minimal. While the engine may not run perfect and fuel economy may be affected, it is not enof of a difference to cause sputter and misfire. A .005 gap difference in what we need to know.

What cause engine to accelerate while driving?

Gasoline pedal/air intake pedal

Why would your 1984 cutlass not idle and die at stop signs and sputter while driving?

bad oxygen sensor bad map sensor

Why does your ac stop blowing when you accelerate?

it shouldn't stop blowing, but the compressor will shut off momentarily while you accelerate to get slightly more horsepower than it would with the compressor running

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How will you know if you need a fuel filter change for a 95 Honda accord ex?

It may hesitate, start poorly, or idle rough. You may also have problems when you give the car a lot of throttle while driving as the car will not get enough fuel to accelerate. The car may shake and sputter. You are better off changing the filter every 30K miles and avoiding having to worry about it.

Do all paseo have front end problems with struts and bushings?

mine does. and from research it seems to have happened to a good amount of people who have had the car for a while

1998 jimmy will run and go but after running for a while it won't accelerate?

It might be your catalytic converter.

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What would cause a 1997 ford escort to buck while accelerate?

Bad ignition wires

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Why does my 95 Honda Civic sputter and cough while accelerating during normal driving?

One reason a 1995 Honda Civic might sputter and cough while accelerating during normal driving is because of a bad coil. Another reason could be a bad fuel pump or fuel filter. Still another reason could be a bad oxygen sensor.

What could happen if the timing belt brake while driving a Toyota celica 1993?

YOUR car will Immediately sputter and backfire, followed by a complete stall. Your timing belt (or chain), is directly synchronized with the cam shaft.(crank shaft turns cam shaft, via belt or chain)...Tom

Why does my 2003 Ford Taurus shaking while I accelerate above 45 mph?

check the cv joints

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